Aug 26, 2012

Birthday Week

My birthday celebration started last weekend when my parents were up from Dallas to celebrate all of the August birthdays. (Mom, Grandma, mine, and my aunt-whew!). Tim gave me his present early (good husband!) and I couldn't love it more. He got me a Canon Rebel T3 and a fancy 75-300mm lens to go with it. Score. While I am the first to admit that I am NOT photographer, I do love taking pictures. Plus, Tim made the point that in the next few years, we have tons of things we'll want to capture. Glad he thinks ahead. I was just thinking about amping up the blog since the iPhone photos were getting old. 

Here are a few pictures from the last week (iPhone and Rebel, because sometimes it's hard to carry a giant camera around.

Playing around with my camera at my grandparent's house. 

Cara, circa 1991. 

Luckily, my sweet friend Laura is an amazing photographer. While we were playing around after dinner, she snapped these few of me and the hubs. 

Does anyone want to keep this little girl until December for me? I want her now, but our stupid apt. won't let us.
I am so incredibly blessed. 

While this week was AMAZING, my heart is heavy due to two tragic and untimely deaths. 
Mikey and Kelsey- give Rachel a huge hug for me and enjoy the view up there. You will be missed. 

Aug 19, 2012

Hey there!

I'm baaaaaaaaack!

New hair. New camera. New adventures. Get ready, folks. It's gonna be good.

First up?

A little Fall vacay to Washington D.C. Can you believe I've never been? We were far from rich growing up, so our idea of a vacation was a trip across Texas in a mini-van. 

Thanks to my rockstar dad and his 80,000 Rapid Rewards points, we only had to pay a whopping $20 for our plane tickets, round trip. Awe-to-the-some. We leave October 10. Let the countdown begin!

Friends, this is where YOU come in. What should we do? See? Eat? (You better believe I'm gonna hit up Georgetown Cupcakes first thing. Priorities, y'all!)

Also- I have been drooling over some coats and boots that will be PERFECT for a DC in the Fall. Since we didn't spend $600+ on airfare, it only seems right that I spend that money on clothes, riiiiiight?