May 31, 2012

Progressive Vacation- Austin

If I'm sticking with the "progressive dinner" theme, Austin would have to be the salad course of our "meal." And to be honest, that fits perfectly. I love a good salad and I love Austin (especially the wonderful people there).

We spent our time in Austin with my dear friend, Amber, her kids and hubby, and two kiddos she was keeping for the weekend. Full house, for sure, but it was wonderful. Lots of good food, conversation, and baby snuggles. My heart was so full when we left their house.

Before heading to San Antonio, we stopped downtown for a quick lunch at Hut's Hamburgers and some gelato at Whole Foods. 

Then, we were off to San Antonio!

More details tomorrow!

May 30, 2012

Progressive Vacation- Dallas

Coming back to the real world after over a week of vacation is the worst. Granted, I like the whole getting paid part of it, but I sure do miss sleeping in and taking my time to get ready every day. (sigh)

Our *anniversary* trip was magical. I know that's a risky word since we went to San Antonio and not Disney World like my sweet friend, Katie. But, rest assured, our trip was indeed, magical.

Our adventure last week was much like a progressive dinner. Our appetizer, if you will, was in Dallas. First stop?  In-N-Out. I may or may not have purposefully picked our hotel based on how close it was to this amazing piece of heaven on earth. Hubster had been telling me for the longest time that my stomach was missing out because I had never had a burger from In-N-Out. My friends, hubster was right. 

After our burger feast, we got fancied up and headed to the Winspear Opera House to see American Idiot. Holy punk rock, it was fantastic. Even though Tim and I were way up in the rafters, the show was phenomenal.

The next morning we met up with one of my bridesmaids, Blythe, her husband, and my old roommate, Jordan, for brunch. While I love Oklahoma dearly, little get togethers with my girls in Texas make me miss the lone star state. 

After brunch, we went to lunch with my parents, brother, and nephew. (Yeaaaaah- We did a ton of eating on this trip. I have no regrets.) It was wonderful to spend time with my precious nephew. I can't believe the lil' guy is eight years old already. 

And of course, I had to go steal some snuggles from my sweet puppy, Sawyer. I hate that our apartment won't let us have him. Seven more months until we get steal him back from my parents. 

Our last night in Dallas was spent at the Dave Matthews Concert. Coincidentally, one of the teachers I subbed for before the wedding was there with her husband. While Dave was great, as always, I think I enjoyed chatting and people watching with Lori more. 

Before heading to Austin the next morning, I introduced Tim to one of my favorite places in Dallas, Cafe Brazil. French Toast and Snickerdoodle coffee = perfection. Ooooh- and don't get me started on their Rosemary Potatoes. To. Die. For. 

I'll save the Austin details for tomorrow. Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

May 18, 2012

Anniversary Trip

We left for our anniversary trip today*
Here's to a wonderful week with my best friend! 

*Our actual anniversary is June 11, but this week worked better for us schedule-wise. Plus- why wouldn't we celebrate for three weeks? Marriage is the 

May 11, 2012

Letter to Mr. G

Dear hubby,

Most nights you stay up and either work or watch tutorials on how to be a better designer. You're desire to never stop improving is a) sexy, b) inspiring, or c) a & b. (hint...the answer is c) Thank you for the subtle reminder that learning doesn't stop when school does. You are my web design hero and I'm so proud to share a home with you.

May 6, 2012


Almost a year ago, 
I got a husband.
With him, came three sisters.

While Tim is one of the best things to ever happen to me, 
these three are a close second. 

May 2, 2012

Catch Up

Woaaaaaaah- How in the world is it already May? My brain can't quite keep up with how quickly time seems to be flying. Next month marks one year of marriage. AN ENTIRE YEAR, FOLKS!

Nothing too terribly exciting going on in these parts. Unless you're an OKC Thunder fan like hubs and myself. In that case, THUNDER UP!

This was at one of the games pre-playoffs when we beat the Timberwolves in double overtime. 

Some random tidbits:

-This month marks my ninth month in book club. As nerdy as it sounds, I love it. Find some friends, pick a book, grab some booze (optional) and talk about it. Promise it's a good time (even if the book stinks).

-I got new glasses!
Go ahead and judge me for jumping on the hispter/nerd glasses bandwagon. :) 

-Our two favorite girls, Vivian and Violet, will be welcoming their baby sister, Vera, next month. I'm convinced that Tim and I may be just as (or more) excited than they are. Thank the Lord for good friends who are having babies before us. We're not quite there, but we LOVE getting our snuggles in without any long-term commitment.

The other night we practiced holding babies. They did great!

-Mr. G's best friend gets married this weekend. Family, friends, and cake- doesn't get much better than that. 

-I've purposely made a list of blog ideas. Hopefully, this will help me remember that this little corner of the internet exists. I've been so blessed by certain bloggers lately. The least I can do is at least pretend to be good at this, right? :)