Sep 26, 2011

The One Where I Vomit on Mr. G

Until yesterday, Tim had never been to a State Fair. Isn't that crazy? Growing up in Texas, we went to the fair EVERY year. In fact, we got a day off of school for it. So naturally, I've always loved anything fair related. Food, rides, strange exhibits, animals- I love it all. My only negative memory was peeing my pants on the TX State Ferris Wheel when I was three. But come on, I was three. 

Let's fast forward 20 years to yesterday. Tim and I decide to go to the fair. It's the last day, he's never been, so why not? Little did I know, the horror that would follow. 

We were both pretty hungry when we got there, so our first mission was to scout out what we wanted for lunch. Tim decided on a Philly Cheese Steak and I picked the Indian Taco. Ever had an Indian Taco? Their pretty fantastic and look something like this:

Trying to be smart, we opted out of rides for a bit. Neither one of us wanted to feel remotely sick on our fun fair date, so we walked around for about an hour and a half. We saw the new cars, the random shops, and of course, the animals. Feeling on top of the world, we decided we had waited long enough and headed over to the Midway. 

First ride: awesome. It was called the "Fire Ball." And despite a few butterflies from the height, I was completely fine. 

Second ride: This beast- 
"The Spider" 

Not awesome. About 30 seconds into the ride, I felt it. That awful feeling that starts in your head, creeps down your throat, and then quickly consumes your whole upper body. I tried closing my eyes. I tried pressing my head against Tim's shoulder. I tried in vain. Right as Tim asked, "Hey baby, are you okay?" I lost it. I lost an entire Indian Taco and a large sweet tea all over myself and Tim. Five times. FIVE. It was awful. There was no stopping it. 

Think that's gross? Just wait. 
Apparently, the operator missed the spew, and let us down LAST.
Guys- we were marinating in my vomit for a good three minutes... at an angle. 
It. Was. AWFUL.

Tim, again the BEST HUSBAND EVER, just smiled and kept asking if I was okay. He wasn't grossed out, he didn't freak, and he even waited until I was done crying to laugh. When we finally got down, the operator simply said, "Oh, sh*t" and walked away. 

Oh, sh*t was right. 

Then came the walk of shame. Covered in my spew, Tim and I journeyed back to the car, removed our pants, and drove home. Can you imagine if we would've gotten pulled over?

As we got closer to the apartment, we remembered a few things: 
1. We were in our underwear
2. There was no way we were putting our pants back on (yuck) 
3. We had to somehow get upstairs to our apartment without showing our entire complex our skivvies. 

Luckily, Tim's friend met us with some towels and we were able to sneak upstairs, pretending to have just gone for a swim. 

The worst swim of my life.

We laughed non-stop from the drive home until after we were both showered and our clothes were in the washer. 

Like I said, I have the best husband in the world. 

Sep 21, 2011

Sick Day Must Haves

I am SUCH a baby when it comes to being sick.
Normally, I would deny this, but now that I have hubs around,
there's no hiding it. I am a sick diva. 
There are certain things I have to have when I'm feeling miserable.
Am I the only one who has some *must haves* for sick days?
Hope not, but in case I am, I thought I'd share the things I keep close when I'm feeling rotten. 

1. DayQuil/NyQuil dual pack
This stuff is the For real. The DayQuil keeps my symptoms somewhat at bay during the day and that NyQuil knocks me out cold. If there's anything I really need when I'm sick, it's a good night's sleep. NyQuil makes this possible. 

2. Vicks VapoRub
Tim hates the smell of this stuff. Which is unfortunate because when I've got a cold, there's no way I can sleep without it. (Okay, maybe there is- but like I said, I'm a sick diva.) I put it on my chest, under my nose, and on my feet. Have you heard of this trick? You put VapoRub on your feet and cover them with socks. Maybe it's an old wives tale, but I'm convinced that it helps. 

3. Walgreens Saline Nasal Spray

Maybe there's a name brand out there that's better, but this is what I grew up using. In fact, for as long as I can remember, there's been a bottle of this stuff on my dad's bedside table. One of the worst things about being sick (and allergies in general) is waking up with a ridiculously dry throat/nasal passages. Spray some of this stuff up your snout before bed and in the morning and VOILA. Problem solved... well, delayed. 

4. A humidifier
This is great to have around all the time, but even more so when you're sickly. I bought it about a week ago to help my allergies/sinuses, but it has definitely been useful over the past few days, too. Also- apparently adding moisture to the air helps with dry skin? Sweet. 

5. Kleenex
I'm certain that the green police would be all over me for the amount of Kleenex I go through when I'm sick, but hankies are just nasty to me. Blowing snot into the same piece of fabric repeatedly? No, thank you. These little babies are lifesavers and keep my face booger free. I carry a box with me at all times during illness.

6, 7, & 8. Netflix, comfy couch, and a quilt. Do these really need an explanation?

Well, there you have it, friends. 
How do you deal with sick days?
Any secret remedies from your grandma?
(Seriously, folks. Spill 'em. I'm going on day four of this mess and will try anything)

Sep 20, 2011


The sickness returned last night. I say "returned," because I battled this villain three weeks ago. Coughs, sniffles, mucus, fever, the works. I kicked it's tail in two days and felt invincible... until last night. By the time I got home from work, my voice sounded like a cartoon character. However, at that point, my voice was the only thing *off* so I was fairly certain it was just allergies. False. The villain had returned with a vengeance. No voice, snot and mucus everywhere, and running a low grade fever.  I was absolutely miserable when Tim got home from practice (he's directing the band for a freshman show here on campus). Being the sweetheart that he is, he offered to do his homework in bed next to me. The medicine started to kick in after a while, but before I could pass out, Tim put his computer down and read to me from a book on the Psalms. We've been reading through this together for a while now and it is one of my absolute favorite things. Most nights, we take turns reading, but tonight he took the reigns since my voice was no where to be found. Gracious-  being curled up in his *nook* and hearing him read? It's fantastic. I can't imagine a sick day without him now, I'm afraid. Or any day, for that matter. 

I'm a lucky girl. 

Sep 19, 2011


From the newlyweds I've talked to, I've gathered that most everyone shares pregnancy fear for the first year of marriage. I'm not too embarrassed to say that over the past three months, I have freaked out a few times. Anytime things down in woman town are the tiniest bit *off* I convince myself that I'm pregnant.

My saint of a husband always calms me down and reassures me that the chances are slim, but that God will work through any situation- even if it means a baby. I then pout like a three year old and tell him he's wrong. Yeah- I'm lucky he puts up with it.

This past week, I had my monthly scare. This time, I decided that instead of waiting it out, I'd go ahead an take a pregnancy test. Ya know... just to shut my brain up.

I snuck into Walgreens, praying no one I knew was there. Piddled a bit, just to keep attention off me and then quickly grabbed the first test I saw. As I made my way to the counter, I had another freak out. The main (and only) cashier was a guy I'd had before. A guy who ALWAYS asks about what I'm buying and how I'm doing, etc. Any other day, I would indulge his friendliness, but conversation was the LAST thing I wanted with the fate of my uterus on the line.

Just as I started to sweat, a sweet girl tapped me on the shoulder. In a kind, reassuring voice she said, "I can check you out at cosmetics, if you'd like."


She smiled sweetly and rang up the test. No awkward conversation or consolation. It was wonderful.

Okay- fast forward to my apartment ten minutes later. I have drank my WEIGHT in sweet tea at this point and decide to go for it. And for the record, peeing on a stick is challenging. Even with the fancy thumb grip. Yuck.

Of course, hubs was right. Not pregnant. Figures, since I've taken my pill religiously since day 1.

And while the story ends happily (for us, for now) I still can't confidently say I won't have the same freak out next month. Am I some sort of freak? Probably. But at least I'm not pregnant.

Disclaimer: I LOOOOOVE babies. Love them. Want tons of them. Just not right now. Don't read into this post as ungrateful or anti-baby.

Sep 18, 2011


Oh, hello there! It's been awhile, hasn't it? Not only does marriage fatten you up, but it makes you busy- at least when your hubby is a college student. We have been going non-stop for the past three weeks!

I've been at my new job for about a month now. All of the kids in my class finally know my name, so that must mean I'm old news. For the first few weeks I was, "Teacher! Teacher!" or "New Lady!" Get ready for some entertaining stories about these little ones. They definitely keep me on my toes.

Also- does my blog look FANTASTIC?! Katie over at Loves of Life did a PHENOMENAL job giving my piece of the web a much needed facelift. If you ever want to change up your blog, she's your girl.

That's all for now, loves. My Sunday afternoon nap is calling! Have a wonderful week!