Jun 23, 2011

Mrs. G

Well, folks, I'm back.
The wedding was everything I dreamed it would be.
(And more, if I'm being honest.)
Sorry for the blog hiatus, 
but adjusting to married life is quite time consuming. 
I've learned a lot in these short two weeks
that should make for some humorous posts. 
Hopefully, I'll get around to documenting them soon. 

Oh, and fingers crossed, 
I'll have the professional pictures back soon
so I can do a full wedding recap. :) 

For now, 
it's time for Lost with the hubby. 

finally a Mrs,

Jun 11, 2011


Oh, hey blogosphere.
I'm getting married today.

Hope your Saturday is fantastic,
Pretty sure mine will be. 

So very excited, 

Jun 9, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner

We made it through the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. 
Tim even surprised me with a Hall & Oates cover. 

Personal shower/bachelorette party tomorrow!

Still feeling like I'm dreaming, 


Just like, well, magic,
my stress disappeared once this guy got here.
(Not the best pic and he's still handsome!)

Two days.
That's it.
Two more days 
and all of the planning stress 
will be gone.
I'll say a few words,
kiss that cutie pictured above,
and dance the night away with
my favorite people. 

I don't know how it could get any better than that.

SO very blessed,

Jun 7, 2011

not a boy friendly post

You know what sucks?
When your period shows up unexpected 
during wedding week. 
(I wasn't supposed to start for two more weeks) 

I  guarantee you that I would not be 
stressing about half of this mess
if my hormones won't going nutso. 

But here I am,
weepy about stupid things like
shoes, program order, sparklers,
and the fact that out of 181 people invited,
we've only received 40 RSVP's. 

Did I mention that my face/body is broken out and I'm ridiculously bloated?
Yeah- let's talk about how sexy I feel right now. 

Dear Mother Nature,
Please have mercy and let me enjoy this week.

peace, love, & midol,

Jun 6, 2011

Something Old

Originally, I didn't want a wedding band.

1. SO expensive!
2. My ring looks pretty fabulous on it's own.
3. Did I mention expensive?

Well, a few months ago, 
I found my great-grandmother's ring in my mother's drawer.
Out of curiosity, I slipped it on with my engagement ring, 
and BAM! It was perfect.

I mentioned the idea to my mom, 
but didn't get much of a response.
After gawking at the ring combo a bit longer,
I put the band away and left the idea alone. 

Yesterday, Mom threw me a curve ball 
and offered me the ring. 
I can't begin to tell you how thrilled/honored I am 
to wear a ring with such history.
My great-grandparents were together 60 years 
before my Grandad passed away. 
60 years! Isn't that amazing?

And isn't it lovely?
Vintage at it's best. 

Ready to be married already,

Jun 5, 2011

Bachelorette Party #1

Alright, I lied.
Turns out blogging is a great break from wedding week stress.

About a month ago,
my drill (dance) team from high school 
had a reunion.
Three of my good friends from back in the day were there,
so naturally we sat together.

We went out after to catch up on each other's lives and all that jazz.
Once we got into wedding talk,
it was decided that they would throw me a bachelorette party.
How could I say no?

The girls reserved a suite downtown and planned an amazing night.

I think the best part was the scavenger hunt they put together for me.
I won't go into details, but it basically involved me going up to strangers
and asking them for advice on marriage, married people *activities*, and other fun things. 

Overall, it was a ton of fun & I'm super excited to see 
what my bridesmaids have in store for bachelorette party #2 this weekend. 

5 more days, folks!


I'm getting married this week.
THIS week. 
Holy mother of wedding cake.

I'll be a bit preoccupied,
so if a post or two happens over the next few days,
you should be impressed. 

Almost a Mrs,