Jan 29, 2011

a little materialistic

The Anthropologie catalog came yesterday.
I will be purchasing everything in it...

in my dreams.

So vain...

After reading through my past several posts,
I realized that almost every entry starts with "I."

My high school english teachers 
would be disappointed.

I suppose I'm allowed to be vain 
and abuse 1st person usage.
Ya know, since it is MY blog and whatnot.  

Happy Saturday, world.
I'm off to see my awesome, almost sister-in-love 
compete in the Miss Idabel High School pageant. 

Oh, and love on my fiance. 
(two weeks is far too long)

love and light, 

Jan 28, 2011

Cara loves "Lacy Like"

I was blog stalking the other day and discovered www.lacylike.com.
Lacy of "Lacy Like" is absolutely adorable 
and creative 
and spunky 
and full of life and...
I digress. Anyways.
I saw the "store" tab on the top
and decided to give in to curiosity. 

In this case, curiosity did not kill the cat.
It actually introduced her to a new addiction. 

Now listen, I am a huge Burt's Bees fan.
More than a fan.
We've been kissing buddies since high school.
And while the idea of cheating on my 
mustard yellow love concerned me,
I couldn't resist the temptation 
of a new lip-venture. 

I ordered the peppermint "Lip Service" chapstick.
(isn't that the cutest name for chapstick?)

I also ordered some "Lovely Lavender" water treatment bath soak. 

Santa in the form of my mail man came this morning.
I found a PRECIOUS brown box 
with green tape and my name on it. 
The entire package was full of personal touches. 

After oooohing over the adorable packaging and personalized goodies,
I remembered that I had some new chapstick to try.
I ripped open the package and found it.
And by "it," I don't mean just another chapstick.
I mean (sorry Burt) my new favorite chapstick.

Seriously, ladies (and seldom gents)
this stuff is fantastic.
It cools, it's creamy,
and it smells amazing.
Not to mention the crisp taste of peppermint you experience
when *accidentally* licking your lips 
after putting it on. 

I haven't had a chance to try the bath soak yet,
but if it's anything like the chapstick,
I may never get out of my tub. 

Go check out "Lacy Like" by CLICKING HERE
You won't regret it. 

Lacy of "Lacy Like" did not endorse or sponsor this post. 
I did not receive payment or free goodies for bragging on her. 
Her products do that for themselves. 

Jan 27, 2011

Thursday thoughts (yeah, cheesy alliteration!)

I got things done today.
Woot! Productivity!
I would give you a list,
but honestly,
you'd probably skim over it 
or skip the post altogether.
And here's a little secret,
I'd do the same thing.

So, here's what's on my brain:
I keep having to edit it down.
And someone 
*me, "someone" always means me* 
made the mistake of requesting addresses from people
I'm not going to be able to invite. 

Why does the venue I love have a limited #?

Scratch that-
Why can't I muster up the courage to say,
"Sorry, we're really just good acquaintances,
and while I think you're swell,
I don't have room for you 
or your date?"

This is my our day.
And it's not that I wouldn't love to have 500 guests,
I just can't afford it.

Plus- at least with a small number, 
I might actually remember who was there. 

Well, maybe.

Jan 26, 2011


i have insomnia.
there's no way around it.
somehow, over the past 4+ years,
i have developed the strangest and
most inconvenient sleep pattern in the world.
when i try to go to sleep at a decent hour,
i inevitably wake up in the middle of the night.
most nights,
this happens multiple times,
regardless of when i go to bed.

and then, of course,
i am exhausted throughout the day.
i end up sleeping through the afternoon
because 1. i'm unemployed,
and 2. i'm sleep deprived from the night before.

what stinks is that even on the days i don't nap,
i can't seem to sleep through the night. 

the stupid cycle won't end.

i've tried sleep aids-
motrin pm
tylenol pm
advil pm

sure, i fall asleep faster,
as guaranteed in the ad,
but without fail, i still wake up.

i read an article that suggested hot tea an hour before bed.
tried it. didn't work.

i also read that less clothing helps, too.
not happening in this house.
that remedy will have to wait until june. (heyo!!!)

i've tried rubbing my ears, breathing techniques,
turning off my tv, computer, basically anything that emits "energy"
kicking the dogs out of the bed,
and even attempting to sip a glass of wine before calling it a night.
(so far, my wine selection is awful bc it all taste like booty to me)

so here i am again, blog world, seeking your advice.
what works for you?
any magic spells or remedies to end the madness?

in need of a job and a good nights sleep,

Jan 24, 2011

a woman i have known my entire life passed away last week.
she was, without a doubt, 
one of the most beautiful women i've ever known.
granted, for as long as i've known her, 
she's had grey hair
and a grandkid necklace that should have caused a slouch,
but i've always admired her.

she held me as an infant,
watched me when my mother couldn't.
taught me how to "pat the bible,"
and that jesus loved me.
she showed me how to properly rock a baby,
throw the best wedding or baby shower,
and to sing regardless of my ability.

if cancer wouldn't have crept in,
she would have thrown my wedding shower,
smiled as i walked down the aisle,
and surely given me more wisdom concerning marriage and babies. 

i hate cancer.

cancer took my teacher pat away.

her husband baptized me. 
i remember looking over across the water right after 
and seeing her face.
she embraced me, towels and arms combined.
you could not touch teacher pat
-scratch that-
you could not see teacher pat without feeling love.


cancer can't touch love. 

i learned so much simply by 
watching her and her husband, buddy.
they loved.
his "patricia ann" was the most beautiful woman in the world,
and even when cancer kept her from his side at church,
you could see him occasionally reach for her hand out of habit.

buddy, as he always does,
grabbed my tear covered face,
and gently kissed my cheek 
the other night at the visitation.
he held my face a moment,
called me "doll,"
and we both nodded.
there was nothing left to say.
we both knew that she was better off
in a place he had taught me of long before i knew of cancer. 

cancer can't touch love.

Jan 18, 2011

Wedding Crush

I recently the discovered a new favorite blog.
It's co-authored by a precious couple named 
Stacie and Geoffy.
They own their own photography business 
and are some of the most talented folks I've ever seen. 

I was browsing through their stuff 
to find inspiration for our engagement pictures,
when I came across the cutest wedding ever.

I'm actually leaning towards adding a blue/teal color to my wedding 
simply because I love how amazing it looks in these pictures. 

All photo credits go to Stacie and Geoffy Lang. 
They are fantastic and you can read their blog,

isn't it wonderful?

Jan 12, 2011

Sneak Peek

Here's a little sneak peek of the venue:

I will be getting rid of the 
vines/flowers and random column thing in the middle.
(Not my taste, at all!)

 The vines will be replaced with something along these lines:

but in my colors, of course. 

149 days.
So. Excited!

Jan 11, 2011

Who needs an aisle runner...

when you're wearing these?

Say hello to my wedding shoes!

I borrowed these exact shoes in black for graduation.
I thought to myself,
"If I make it across the stage without falling on my arse,
I'm buying these in yellow for the wedding."

Needless to say, I made it across gracefully- 
and quite stylishly, I might add.

Now the trick is not wearing them 
religiously with every outfit before the wedding. 

ps- Thank you guys SO much for your honest comments on my last post. Super helpful. If you have more, let me know. I'm all ears...errrr, eyes? You get the point. 

Jan 10, 2011


Alright, ladies.
It's about to get real.

And by real,
I don't mean
I mean,
I have some real questions
for real women.

I couldn't decide whether or not to blog about this,
but most of my followers aren't of the XY persuasion,
so why not?
(for the few gents, I give you permission to leave now. kthanks)

So, here it is:


In a few weeks, I will make the dreaded trip to the gyny 
and have to make a decision concerning the big "BC." 

So here's where your wisdom comes in-

What worked for you?
Did you gain weight?
Loose weight?
Break out?
Have a magical acne disappearance?
What were you on?
What are you on?
For how long before you got married?
Did it make you really emotional?

Help me out here, ladies! 

Jan 9, 2011

(Not so) Silent Sunday

It's official.
Sawyer loves the snow!

Happy SunSnowday!

Jan 8, 2011

Be still, my heart!

This is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. 
Sure does make the whole, 
"Let's wait a few(several) years to have babies"
thing seem ridiculous.

I have no doubt that family sing-a-longs
will be a requirement in our home 
as soon as the little tot can make noise.
Probably going to be that mom who plays music into her womb. 

dreaming of a family band,

Pay It Forward

I went to bed remarkably early for a Friday night. 
Then, out of no where, the dogs start freaking out around 2:30am.
My brother had made a surprise return home.
There are all sorts of details that aren't mine to tell regarding that situation,
so I simply ask for prayers concerning my brother and his new wife.

That being said, his arrival woke me up 
and unable to go back to sleep,
I got online to check blogs, twitter, etc.
The first thing I saw was a new blog post from a favorite blog of mine.
Summer is an amazing woman who lives in NY with her husband.
They have had a ridiculous amount of trials and pain over the past several months
and her blog has been an amazing display of strength and encouragement. 

Anyways, her late night post was about a neat idea she had seen on another blog.
The blogger simply wrote: 

"I promise to send something handmade
to the first 3 people who leave a comment here.
To be eligible, you must also post this in your blog,
offering the same thing to 3 other people.
The rules are that it must be handmade by you and it
must be sent to your 3 people *sometime* in 2011."

Summer, being the kindhearted woman that she is,
decided to do the same.
I commented, and well, 
here I am.

How could I pass up such a neat and original way to brighten someone's day?
And by someone, I mean you!

I'm jumping on the bandwagon folks.
And if you ask me, 
I think I'm in for a pretty rewarding ride. 

leave your email,
and I will send something homemade your way before 2012. 

Jan 7, 2011

C25K (Week 1, Day 2)

Tonight's run was SO much better! 

See- my smile's not even forced in this picture!

I ran on a treadmill instead of outside tonight.
Best decision ever.
Eliminated the cold factor
and I didn't have to worry about passing cars 
or poorly lit sidewalks.
Also- I bumped up my water intake,
so the spitting urge wasn't as strong tonight.
Thanks for the tips, friends! 

Feeling a bit more optimistic about this running business,

Jan 6, 2011


One of my bridesmaids got her dress in the mail today.
Of course, I had to go by and actually see it on a body,
instead of the little mannequin.

Warning: My cruddy cell phone camera does not do this dress justice.


Ignore the wrinkles- it was fresh out of the box.
I could not love this dress more, wrinkles and all.
Bravo, J Crew. Bravo!

As far as I know, 2 of my girls have already received their dress, 
3 others have ordered, 
and the remaining 1 is ordering within the next week or so. 

Crisis averted. 


I survived!

Here I am right after my first "Couch to 5K" (C25K) run.
I was feeling: a little cold, out of breath, but overall pretty good.
Sawyer joined me for the run. 
He definitely enjoyed it much more than I did. 

The first week of the C25K program consists of a 5 minute warm up walk, alternating 60 second runs and 90 second walking intervals for 20 minutes, and a 5 minute cool down walk. 

Now, I'm sure that is a cake walk for some of you. 
For me, however, it was a struggle. 
Like I said before, I am NOT a runner.

I was a bit discouraged at how hard it was.
I didn't have to stop or anything, 
but it was definitely not an easy run.
The discouragement subsided a TON when Tim
(who has decided to do the C25K program as well)
said it was a difficult run for him, too. 
He could've been saying that to shut me up,
but hey, I'll take it. 

I only have two complaints/questions for you "runners" out there:

1. Is it normal to feel the need to spit every few minutes? 
Because I did. 
I'm no girly girl, but goodness- 
I have never had that urge come over me as strongly as it did during my run last night. 

2. At the end of my run, I had a subtle, but painful headache right above my ears.
Is this a sign of something? Or just a coincidence?

Overall, I'm feeling, well, okay about the whole C25K thing.
I'm sure I can make it through this week,
but the idea of running for 30 minutes straight still seems completely impossible. 

Today is my day "off" of running.
I'm planning on doing some weight training at some point,
but first I have to head down to the school district office to get fingerprinted.
I'm one step closer to being an official "substitute" teacher. 
Yay, employment!
(and for being able to make wedding payments!)

Happy Thursday!

Jan 4, 2011

A new adventure

I have never been a "runner."
In high school, we were required to run at least a mile every morning for drill team. 
Sometimes more. 
I was ALWAYS the last one finished.
It was embarrassing.
Once I graduated high school, I assumed that I'd never have to run again.
And until recently, I was completely okay with that.

But now, with the wedding roughly 22 weeks away,
and my body about 22 pounds from where it should be,
I've decided that maybe I should give running another chance.
Starting tomorrow, I will be attempting to complete
Robert Ullrey's "Couch to 5K" podcast workout program.
Eek. 9 weeks of running.
I'm going to die.
Or become a marathon runner.

...or die. 

I'm also changing my diet completely:
No fried foods.
No carbonated drinks. 
Little to no bread.
No food after 9pm.
Water, water, water.

Any tips? 

Ready for a healthier, not necessarily skinnier, me,
(although that'd be nice)

Jan 3, 2011

Reality Check

Amidst my little bridesmaid freak out last night,
Tim came in,
grabbed me,
and said,
"No matter what happens,
YOU and I are still getting married."

Yeah. I'm glad one of us has some perspective. 

Jan 2, 2011

Minor hiccup

"Hello, lover!"
(SATC, anyone?)

I am literally in love with this dress. 
It's everything I wanted in a bridesmaid's dress. 
Stylish. Modest. Classy. Different. Grey. 
Perfect, right?

I polled the bridesmaids, got a response from 4 of the 6 and decided to go for it.
Even better, one of them purchased it TODAY and was like,
"THEY'RE HAVING A SALE!! It was 30% off and they gave me free shipping."

Except for,
1. I have a bridesmaid that can't purchase hers for another month. 
Not a big deal, I just hate that she'll have to spend more.
2. They're out of sizes 2 and 4 in my color. Really? Come on, J Crew. 
(Also, hoping they don't sell out in the size my aforementioned bridesmaid needs.)
3. I have yet to hear from two of my bridesmaids. 
4. They can't be returned. 

So fingers crossed everyone can get a dress that fits or can be altered. 

...or I'll have to have mismatched bridesmaids. 
Not the end of the world, but I really want everyone in this dress.

Be honest- does this make me a bridezilla?
Don't lie. 
I need to know how to gage the rage, if ya know what I'm saying. 

Previous brides, help me out here.