Nov 15, 2010

Under Construction

I attempted to redesign this all on my own. Bad choice. 

I'll be back soon with a (hopefully) new and improved look. 

Love, love, love!

Nov 10, 2010


I am horrible at reading my Bible. Seriously. Unless I'm required to for class or am trying to keep up during a sermon, I generally don't give it much lovin. After a few rough weeks, I started thinking about the factors surrounding my stress and unhappiness. It didn't take me too terribly long to put 2&2 together last night. Where have I been turning for help, encouragement, and support these past few weeks?

Tim, my parents, friends, and yes- even a therapist.

And then, clear as day, my mind seemed to softly say,

Cara- Remember me? The one you profess on Sundays and the occasional Wednesday?
Seems you've forgotten where you came from.

And truth be told, I sorta have. But rather than wallow in guilt and turn the TV on, as I usually do, I sat down, grabbed my Bible, and started at the beginning. My beginning. Genesis.

I have an NIV/Message parallel bible. It's a honker of a book, but it really has a lot of great things in it. For example, each chapter begins with a sort of preface. The one in Genesis was perfect for last night:

"First God. God is the subject of life.
God is the foundation for living.
If we don't have a sense of the primacy of God,
we will never get it right,
get life right,
get our lives right.
Not God at the margins;
not God as an option;
not God on the weekends;
God at center and circumference;
God first and last;
God, God, God."

With that foundation laid, the first five chapters of Genesis spoke to me in ways I've never heard before. Two things really stuck out:

1. It mentions that Adam and Eve heard God strolling in the garden.
I long for that closeness- to actually hear God close to me. Can you imagine?

2. Even though their sin led them to discover their nakedness, the Lord fashioned clothing for Adam and Eve. How amazing is it that we serve a God who provides for us, regardless of the sin that precedes our need?


Nov 9, 2010

Wedding plans and onsies

I almost bought a onesie this weekend.
No- I'm not pregnant.
However, it was precious.
Imagine, if you will,
a hand stitched, argyle fabric elephant on a plain white onesie.
be still, my heart.
Tim stopped me.
Probably for the best.
Considering that the list of things to be done for the wedding seems to be growing daily,
I should probably keep my focus there instead of on onesies and burp rags.

The wedding is 7 months and 2 days away.
I have time.
PLENTY of time.
But I am starting to stress a tiny bit.

There really is no reason to stress right now.
Well, that's a lie.
School is a more than valid reason to stress.
(39 days til graduation;
1,000,001 assignments to finish in those 39 days)
I digress...

Anyways- the wedding planning is in a good place.
I simply need to stop comparing my
wedding planning
lack of guest list
non-existent engagement pictures
and fiance
to other people's 
wedding plans
GINORMOUS guest lists
precious engagement pictures
and fiances.

Happy Tuesday!

Nov 1, 2010

Wu Zhao

The next two days will be spent with Wu Zhao.
Are you familiar with China's only female emperor?
Me neither.
Here's to a 6 page paper over a biography I haven't finished. 

ps- I brought back the bangs. :)