Oct 31, 2010


Though fiance looks kinda goofy, I love this picture.
It's been a while, blog friends.
Life has been, well, life.
And I'm learning to be okay with that.
Wedding planning has kind of been stagnant lately.
Tim designed our Save the Dates a few weeks ago.
Hopefully, we'll get those out by the beginning of 2011.
Speaking of 2011- it is coming so fast.
Graduation is a little over a month away and to be honest,
I'm not ready.
Not because I desperately want to stay at Harding,
but because there is so much to get done between now and December 18.
For instance, I should be working on a paper right now.
Happy November, loves. 

Oct 14, 2010

Everyone needs an Ellie

If I ever have a daughter, I want her to be just like my dear friend, Ellie. She is kind and generous. She makes tea and always offers a cozy place to rest, be it in her embrace or her bed. She rubs your legs and feet as you let out every little thought that plagues your mind. She shuffles through notecards of quotations beside her bed and finds one just for you. She never fails to give at least five compliments per hour. She opens her closet full of cardigans and convinces any borrower that they look better in her clothes than she does. She shows the world what love should look like and reminds them of the hope they have in the Lord.

This week was rotten until last night when I went to Ellie's apartment. I am so blessed to call her my friend.

Oct 4, 2010

On love, in sadness...

Right now,
in this moment,
I could care less
guest lists,
save the dates,
wedding payments I can't really afford,
bridesmaids dresses,
and things of that nature.

I just want to be married. 
Heck- I'd just like to be in the same state.
But more than anything, 
I want to be done with a relationship dependent on my cell phone.

Long distance is poop. Especially when you're engaged. 

I know, I know- it'll be worth it. But right now, the only thing keeping me warm is a cup of coffee. 
It's a bit disheartening. 
I'm hoping (praying) that this funk is simply Monday rearing it's ugly head.

Here's to a brighter Tuesday. 

Oct 3, 2010

Lessons Learned

Lessons learned over the past week:

-Even though my oven is precious and avocado green, it DOES not cook well. My attempt to be domestic and make homemade cookies was shot down when I took out what looked like amazing cookies only to find BLACK, burnt bottoms.

-I am HORRIBLE at statistics. Part of me wanted to blanket this statement and claim to be bad at math altogether, but I've decided to give myself some credit. Give me a simple, four step or less, formula and I'm set. But this eight step mess about the probability of who-cares-what is way over my head. If I don't graduate in December because of Statistics, I quit school. (Not really, Mom- calm down.)

-Whether I am driving to an unknown place or making my way through a corn maze, I need a map of some sort. I like knowing where I'm going and more importantly, how I am going to get there. None of this, "getting lost is part of the adventure" hoopla.

-My parents have an interesting, but completely beautiful relationship. Mom is currently one handed due to a horrible fall that resulted in wrist surgery. My Daddy has done some not-so-fun things this past week like washing Mom's hair and shaving her arm pits for her. That's love, friends. Roses and poems are nice, but give me a man who'll shave my armpits and I'll be satisfied. (And praise the Lord, I'm fairly certain I already have one.)

-There is nothing more refreshing than finding out that you're not alone- whether it's in a feeling you have or a situation you've faced. Praise the Lord for fellowship and conversations that lead to such discoveries.

-Going a month without seeing my fiance is not fun. However, having his little brother from CHI call me every morning with encouraging words for my day makes it a little more bearable.

I can guarantee there are more, but the coffee shop is about to close.