Jul 28, 2010

I'll remember more than the Alamo...

I guess we're getting married or something.
Stay tuned for the story, details, etc.

Jul 26, 2010

Hotel Revalation

I never imagined a time when I would consider myself a "morning person." Yet here I am, wide awake, having already finished a good chunk of a book before 8am. It seems that maybe "morning person," is the wrong phrase to coin here. Particularly because most assume such people to be social in their morning content. Me, however, oh, I savor the solitude that early mornings almost regularly offer. I recently, as in last night, realized the dire need for this specific time. As I type, my arms bearing the AC, I am sharing a hotel room with six people. SIX. And while I adore each of the aforementioned six, something in me snapped last night. I was anxious, irritable, and overall, a word my momma taught me not to say in public. It wasn't until everyone was finally settled in their makeshift bed that I figured out the catalyst for my irritability and more importantly, the cure. Quiet. Just a few breaths of silence without and additional thought or complaint. Upon this realization, I began to appreciate late nights without sleep and mornings when my body gave me no other choice but to be awake. It's as if my mind, God, what-have-you, was saying, "Cara, here. Have these quiet moments to yourself. Embrace and appreciate them." Who knew this gift not only existed, but was necessary for my survival?

Jul 21, 2010

"All about the wordplay..."


September 25

That's right, ladies and (seldom) gents! I just pre-ordered mine and Tim's tickets for Jason Mraz. And yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Pictured above is Benson Auditorium. Now I'm not sure what the administration was smokin' when they agreed to host the "Curbside Prophet," but for the sake of students to come, I hope they keep a puffin'. Now, a few of my fellow HU comrades and I have been trying to figure out what the show will be like exactly. I saw Mr. A-Z a little over a year ago in Little Rock. The show was fantastic, for sure, but not exactly "Harding Appropriate."  Needless to say, I'm excited to experience the collision of Jason and a conservative Christian school. 

Here's my favorite of his tunes. He opened with this in Little Rock and I cried. Bless. I love this beautiful man. (Not as much as you, Tim. Calm yo'self!)

giddy with excitement, 

Jul 18, 2010

Blog Crushes and Such

I'm a bad blogger. Plain and simple. The trouble isn't that I lack the desire, I simply lack the content. No offense intended, but some blogs are boring. And to be honest, I'd rather have a decently entertaining, but dated post up for weeks than consistently post about stuff that no one cares about. And since I do not have a wedding to plan, a husband to please, children to tend to, or a job to whine about, I've decided to share some of my blog crushes.

Enjoy. Hopefully, the next few weeks will provide some entertaining posts. Between now and August 7th, I have the following things planned:

1. A drive to Idabel
2. Gidden's family vacation to San Antonio
3. Blakemore Family Reunion
4. A trip to Branson 
5. Bachelorette party for my dear friend, Blythe
6. Blythe's rehearsal dinner
7. Blythe's wedding

And then, my dears, I gear up for my last semester of college. Hallelujah! 

Enjoy blog stalking, friends!

Jul 7, 2010

Here comes some mushy stuff...

I love him because...

he knows how I like my coffee and takes every opportunity to fix it for me;
I can't smell Old Spice without immediately thinking of him;
he knows all of my tickle spots and the right times use them against me;
after 10 months together, he still insists on kissing me at every stop sign/light;
he rarely goes a few hours without mentioning that he loves me;
I find myself completely giddy at simply the thought of seeing him;
I feel completely loved and adored- even when he's hundreds of miles away;
his family treats me like one of their own;
my mom constantly comments that she can tell how happy he makes me;
even with his scruffy, hobo beard, I still find him ridiculously attractive;
he knows my family junk/history and still insists that I'm the girl for him;
he loves my dog- even when he's picking up his poop;
he buys me chewy sweetarts randomly because he knows that I love them;
he insists on paying when he knows my account is low;
we share a love of comedy, shocktarts, and LOST;
I could go on for another ten posts about why and how much I love him. 

Jul 1, 2010

Baby Cohen

Take some time today and pray for the Marshall family. 
You can read about sweet Cohen's journey here.

Lord, I don't understand Your ways, but I do know that You are just as good today as You were yesterday. Hold this family in your arms and give them the peace they need.