Mar 23, 2013


Well, here we are- seven months later. Let's dive right in, shall we?

Marriage is great. We're coming up on 2 years and to be honest, it is everything and nothing like I planned. (If that makes any sense at all.)

Feb. 2013

We moved into a house in October. It is absolutely WONDERFUL to be out of our tiny apartment. Plus, moving meant one very important thing: getting my sweet pup, Sawyer, back from my parents. 

Feb. 2013

We welcomed my beautiful niece, Harper Marie, in December. Tim and I are both in love and are fighting the baby itch like mad because of it.

Feb. 2013

Oh, yeah! Mr. G graduated (finally!) and started full time at Nominee Design in December, as well. He is really thriving there and I couldn't be more proud. 

That about catches us up. 2013 seems to be flying by and I know I'll hate myself in the future for not documenting more of it. Here's to a late resolution? Cheers!

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