Mar 25, 2013

Perfect Weekend

This weekend was ridiculously close to perfect. I hate that it's already Monday evening, because that solidifies the fact that it's actually over.

Friday started out rough. Tim's tire has been flat all week, and since our schedules are crazy, we didn't have a chance to get it fixed until my off day (Friday.) Worn out from a long week (and from the impending doom of that time of the month), I may or may not have teared up in the middle of the tire place when the salesman informed me that he didn't have a "compatible" tire in stock. Not my best moment. Luckily, there was an oversight and I was able to leave with a new tire (and what was left of my dignity.)

After that adventure, I picked up Mr. G and we headed to Dallas. 

Sawyer pup slept the whole way down. 
Friday night was uneventful, other than some much needed snuggle time with my sweet niece, Harper. Have I mentioned how perfect she is?

Saturday morning was spent at a not-so-thrilling work conference. While I spent most of the day wishing I was anywhere else, there was one upside to being stuck in a hotel ball room all day: the Blissdom conference was right down the hall. Why would I consider that an upside? Because one of my favorite bloggers was there. I've been following AP for over a year now, blog and Instagram, and could not pass up the chance to meet her in person. 

It was fate. We were both in a state other than our own, in the same hotel, on the same floor. And guys, she is the sweetest. Check out her blog. (and super cute kiddos!)

I snuck out of the conference an hour early to meet up with hubs, my HS best friend, Sarah, and her "manfriend," Jake, for an FC Dallas soccer match. (This side of last month, I would have called it a "game," but I have been informed that in futbol, it's called a match.)  

Tim and I went to a match last month and I have been hooked on soccer ever since. 

Great night with great people! Plus, we won!
Knowing that my brother and sister-in-law probably hadn't slept in since Harper was born, we offered to take her Saturday night and Sunday morning. 

Like I said, perfect. Plus, she slept through the night. angel baby. 

The remainder of the weekend was spent showing Harper off and sneaking in last minute kisses before heading back to OKC (aka, the real world.)

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Rebekah Bruce Parker said...

I love your blog! I read your blog before we were actually friends btw.

I'm so glad you got that tire fixed BEFORE you left for you trip. Glad you had so much fun!!!