Jun 7, 2012

Progressive Vacation: San Antonio

And now, the main course: San Antonio-
Presented in pictures and short commentary

Yay for Schlitterbahn (This is the only picture we took. Cameras and waterparks don't mix)

 The ADORABLE stray puppy at our hotel. 

Who napped outside our door. (I wanted to take him home so badly)

Fogo de Chao. We ate here the night we got engaged. 

Complimentary dessert. Please and thank you.

Exploring the River Walk.

 Goofy River Boat picture.

Hubster snuck this one. 

The bridge where we got engaged.

Other side of the bridge. 

Us with the bridge in the background.


Lunch time serenade.

What's vacation without sangria swirl margartias?

 See how happy they make me?

Obligatory Alamo photo.

We didn't stay long. It was WAY too hot.

So instead of learning more about TX history, we hit the Wax Museum. (We're classy like that)

Hubby stealing my drink. 

The amazing, yet haunted, room we stayed in our last night. Fancy!

The outside of our hotel. 

That's all folks. :) We had a blast and can't wait to go on another trip next year. 

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