May 30, 2012

Progressive Vacation- Dallas

Coming back to the real world after over a week of vacation is the worst. Granted, I like the whole getting paid part of it, but I sure do miss sleeping in and taking my time to get ready every day. (sigh)

Our *anniversary* trip was magical. I know that's a risky word since we went to San Antonio and not Disney World like my sweet friend, Katie. But, rest assured, our trip was indeed, magical.

Our adventure last week was much like a progressive dinner. Our appetizer, if you will, was in Dallas. First stop?  In-N-Out. I may or may not have purposefully picked our hotel based on how close it was to this amazing piece of heaven on earth. Hubster had been telling me for the longest time that my stomach was missing out because I had never had a burger from In-N-Out. My friends, hubster was right. 

After our burger feast, we got fancied up and headed to the Winspear Opera House to see American Idiot. Holy punk rock, it was fantastic. Even though Tim and I were way up in the rafters, the show was phenomenal.

The next morning we met up with one of my bridesmaids, Blythe, her husband, and my old roommate, Jordan, for brunch. While I love Oklahoma dearly, little get togethers with my girls in Texas make me miss the lone star state. 

After brunch, we went to lunch with my parents, brother, and nephew. (Yeaaaaah- We did a ton of eating on this trip. I have no regrets.) It was wonderful to spend time with my precious nephew. I can't believe the lil' guy is eight years old already. 

And of course, I had to go steal some snuggles from my sweet puppy, Sawyer. I hate that our apartment won't let us have him. Seven more months until we get steal him back from my parents. 

Our last night in Dallas was spent at the Dave Matthews Concert. Coincidentally, one of the teachers I subbed for before the wedding was there with her husband. While Dave was great, as always, I think I enjoyed chatting and people watching with Lori more. 

Before heading to Austin the next morning, I introduced Tim to one of my favorite places in Dallas, Cafe Brazil. French Toast and Snickerdoodle coffee = perfection. Ooooh- and don't get me started on their Rosemary Potatoes. To. Die. For. 

I'll save the Austin details for tomorrow. Happy Tuesday, lovelies!


Rebekah Bruce Parker said...

You all look so cute and like you had a wonderful time!!! <3

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I deem it fit to call it magical. Anything without children tagging along is magical in my book. Bahaha. I noticed from all your IG pics that you basically ate like Kings & Queens on vacation. :)

Amber said...

Today's Wednesday! :P

Cara Linn said...

Haha- see? I still have vacation brain. I don't even know what day it is.