Jan 5, 2012

Just a few things...

1. Weight Watchers is fantastic. Seriously. 

2. I have listened to the new Jason Mraz song, "I Won't Give Up" 10 times in the last hour. It's. That. Good. 

3. The hubs and I are going to ANOTHER Thunder Game tomorrow night. It'll be our third this year. What can I say? We love our team!

4. The hubs and I are also going to the OU vs. KU b-ball game on Saturday. Should be interesting. 
Mr. G loves the Jayhawks and I'm a die hard Sooner fan. 
Okay, maybe not die hard. But you get the point.

5. In less than two weeks, I will be heading to Tulsa (with the Mr. in tow) to see The Civil Wars. 
I. can't. wait. 

6. School loans suck. 

7. Grey's and Private Practice come back tonight.  Cue the tears. 

8. Parks and Rec, The Office, and Up All Night come back next week. Score.
(So, I may have a slight TV obsession. What of it?)

Have a good one, friends. 


Meagan and David said...

1.) I had no idea Jason Mraz had a new song out. It is perfect. I just made it my new ringtone.

2.) How do you keep getting tickets to these games? Hook a sister up!

3.) Ugh. I have just already prepared myself to be a crying mess during Grey's.

4.) You're pretty cool. Game night soon?

Anonymous said...

soooo.... I Wont Give Up is our new WW motivator song, right?

kcderamus said...

So i was just doing some catch up reading...not to be confused with ketchup!...and I am so sorry that we have not kept in better contact! i will do better. I promise!

also your short brown hair in your fair pictures...ADORABLE!!!!!!

much much love!!