Oct 22, 2011

The One Where I DON'T Vomit on Mr. G

Fried food, ferris wheel, farm animals, and NO VOMIT?
I'd say it was a great day at the Texas State Fair. 

Oct 10, 2011

The Leak

If it weren't for my super-comfy(dry) bed and cuddly husband, 
I would absolutely hate my apartment right now. 

Hope your abode is dryer than mine. 

*The Scottish flag is the husbands. Rather than freak out about decorating and matching, I let him put it up in the hallway. I know. Best wife ever. 

Oct 6, 2011

The Zoo

The zoo + my nephew = an exhausting, but wonderful time. 

Plus- I got SO close to the elephants (my fav).

I start a new job tomorrow. More on that soon.