Jul 19, 2011

Tim & babies

It doesn't take much research to discover that I absolutely love children, especially the little ones. Goodness- put a tiny human within 500 ft of me and I am a mess. I'm that creeper that will ask to hold your child, even if we've only met once... or not at all. (jk- I'm not that bad. Well...)

That being said, you can imagine my inability to keep it together 
when I see my hubby interacting with kiddos. Seriously. It's adorable. 

To all of our friends that let us love on your little ones:
Thank you thank you thank you!
(esp. because it feeds my baby addiction and 
keeps me from wanting to have one any time soon)


kcderamus said...

why in every picture but one is the child's hand in Tim's open mouth?!?! i agree though guys and babies makes me melt like a Popsicle on the fourth of july!

Shelley said...

Tim is very good with kids. It is very sweet and you guys will be great parents...SOME DAY! LOL