Jul 16, 2011


(We didn't take many pictures worth sharing on day 4.)

Overall, our honeymoon was amazing.
It rained on our excursion day in Cozumel,
and it was STILL fantastic. 
I cannot wait to get my booty back to Mexico. 

We had a little less than a week between 
our wedding and our honeymoon. 
Best. Decision. Ever.
We were exhausted after the wedding
and I can't imagine having to go straight from 
our wedding night to our cruise. 

Fingers crossed,
Tim and I can afford to go another one relatively soon.

Hope your weekend is going well.
I'm heading to Tulsa tomorrow night to see
New Kids on the Block,
Backstreet Boys,
and Matthew Morrison 
with the lovely Mrs. Pless.

I know you're jealous! 

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