Jul 25, 2011

DIY Laundry Detergent

Detergent is expensive, folks. 
Tim and I have been married less than 2 months
and we've already gone through a huge thing of detergent.
As poor newlyweds, 
constantly buying detergent is just ridiculous
(& pricey!)

So, I did a little research online and found an amazing recipe for homemade laundry detergent. 
For all of the ingredients (and the cuuuute little canister) I spent less than $10. 
And here's the kicker- I doubled the recipe and still have tons of Borax and washing soda left.
If I were to need more, I'd only have to spend .97 cents to buy another bar of Fels Naptha. 
However, I doubt that'll be any time soon since I made 80 loads worth. 


Here's a little recipe/how-to: 
Each regular load uses 1 tablespoon of the mix. 

Our first load using the new detergent is in the dryer right now. 
So far, so good.
The clothes smelled fresh and clean coming out of the washer.
I'll let you know how I feel after they're dry. 

ps- How fun/cute would this be as a wedding gift? 
Put it in a little decorated canister with directions and the recipe? 


TaylorMade said...

I use a homemade detergent on my husbands soccer clothes & towels. I really like the results.

TravWise said...

Ok, I love this post. Jill and I might just have to try this. I'll be checking back for an update to see if they really work. Where did you find those ingredients?

Sarah said...

can i just say you are too cute??

Meghan said...

Where do you buy Fels Naptha?

Shelley said...

What a great idea!! You are so nifty!!

Heather Ash said...

This is my favorite laundry soap recipe! I share it with everyone I can.