Jun 6, 2011

Something Old

Originally, I didn't want a wedding band.

1. SO expensive!
2. My ring looks pretty fabulous on it's own.
3. Did I mention expensive?

Well, a few months ago, 
I found my great-grandmother's ring in my mother's drawer.
Out of curiosity, I slipped it on with my engagement ring, 
and BAM! It was perfect.

I mentioned the idea to my mom, 
but didn't get much of a response.
After gawking at the ring combo a bit longer,
I put the band away and left the idea alone. 

Yesterday, Mom threw me a curve ball 
and offered me the ring. 
I can't begin to tell you how thrilled/honored I am 
to wear a ring with such history.
My great-grandparents were together 60 years 
before my Grandad passed away. 
60 years! Isn't that amazing?

And isn't it lovely?
Vintage at it's best. 

Ready to be married already,

1 comment:

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Um, wedding bands are a MUST. I am glad you got to use that one! fabulous!