Jun 7, 2011

not a boy friendly post

You know what sucks?
When your period shows up unexpected 
during wedding week. 
(I wasn't supposed to start for two more weeks) 

I  guarantee you that I would not be 
stressing about half of this mess
if my hormones won't going nutso. 

But here I am,
weepy about stupid things like
shoes, program order, sparklers,
and the fact that out of 181 people invited,
we've only received 40 RSVP's. 

Did I mention that my face/body is broken out and I'm ridiculously bloated?
Yeah- let's talk about how sexy I feel right now. 

Dear Mother Nature,
Please have mercy and let me enjoy this week.

peace, love, & midol,


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I am saying a prayer right now that it goes away in time. And don't you worry...at all....no matter what? You will feel like total hotness on your wedding day. All eyes on you, everyone thinking you're the shizz, so don't you worry. hugs!

Amber said...

No matter bumps in the road come along, at the end of it all Saturday you will be MRS. TIM GIDDENS! You are going to be a married woman and I cannot wait to see you in your beautiful dress and being jealous that I still have to wait two more weeks! Can't wait to see you!!

Vanessa said...

I'm praying RIGHT now that this'll stop. Some may find this kind of prayer to be silly, but I think God is tender in his mercies...and notice how Jesus had to experience all sorts of trials and temptations as a human, but was spared THAT?? God MUST have compassion on us :) Love you!

Blaine and Shannon Finley said...

Are you in on BC... I was on a very generic low dose BC for the first year I took BC and it made my hormones go crazy and made me all of schedule so I finally talked to my doctor and switched and it all got much better. I waited a long time cause I had always been told it can take up to six months for your body to get used to it but mine never did so I felt like I was going through menopause with hot flashes and such. You are going to be a beautiful bride and it'll all be great but when its all said and done I'd talk to you doctor about trying a new BC.