Jun 5, 2011

Bachelorette Party #1

Alright, I lied.
Turns out blogging is a great break from wedding week stress.

About a month ago,
my drill (dance) team from high school 
had a reunion.
Three of my good friends from back in the day were there,
so naturally we sat together.

We went out after to catch up on each other's lives and all that jazz.
Once we got into wedding talk,
it was decided that they would throw me a bachelorette party.
How could I say no?

The girls reserved a suite downtown and planned an amazing night.

I think the best part was the scavenger hunt they put together for me.
I won't go into details, but it basically involved me going up to strangers
and asking them for advice on marriage, married people *activities*, and other fun things. 

Overall, it was a ton of fun & I'm super excited to see 
what my bridesmaids have in store for bachelorette party #2 this weekend. 

5 more days, folks!

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