May 4, 2011

Fantasy Tan

One of my bridesmaids introduced me to something called "Fantasy Tan." She had used it for her own wedding, which I was in, and she looked AMAZING. With my bridals fast approaching, I new I had to do SOMETHING about my skin. Ya know- so I wouldn't completely match my dress? 

Real tanning was out of the question since my mom and dad have both had problems with skin cancer. 

Remembering how great my friend looked for her wedding, I called, got the info, and scheduled an appointment for my very own "Fantasy Tan." 

Basically, I stood naked in front of a stranger as she airbrushed my entire body. What a great way to end the work day, huh? 

And I'm sure some of you are thinking, 
"Wow- airbrush! How glamourous! They do that to celebrities!"

Yes. Yes, they do... after the darn pictures are taken. 

This process was much colder and less glamourous, let me assure you. 

Cold compressed air all over my bare skin? Yeah, just a bit awkward and, well, nipply. 

To avoid any uh-oh's, I read all of the warnings and recommendations beforehand. I exfoliated, removed all makeup, lotion, deodorant, and wore an old pair of skivvies. (Which is humorous in itself because I grabbed the oldest ones I could find and completely ignored the fact that they were lace. Now I have a fun design along my hips. It just screams, "Check out this hottie idiot!")

But honestly, knowing that Tim won't be seeing any of my "lace" parts before June, I wasn't too concerned with my little undies whoopsie. In fact, I wasn't really worried about the results of my *tan* at all when I left the salon.

Until this morning...

I suppose I rubbed my skin in my sleep, because somehow the inside of my hands are ORANGE!

She didn't even spray my hands! 

Luckily I have a few days for it to fade/scrub the heck out of my hands. And thank goodness, the rest of my body is even and doesn't resemble an oompa loompa. 

It's the little things, I suppose.


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

The spray tan at hollywood tans is AWESOME too. The medium is what I use. I adore it, and it's pretty cheap. That's another option too! Scrub your hands with lemons. Or something?

Summer said...

NEVER do this when you are 9 months pregnant. My friend did and the lady had to physically lift her huge boobs up to spray under them. Not great for the self-esteem, lemmetellya.

Paige Bailey Photography said...

haha I got spray tanned once, it is awkward. Did she tell you to rub your hands thoroughly when you were done? at least its just the inside of your hands, you look great!

Megs:) said...

I want that Harry Potter poster in the background. :)

Bailey Thomas said...

Hi! I got a spray tan last week for graduation...and it was...something. I'm glad I did it so I wasn't super pale, know. The coldness was the one thing I was NOT prepared for - what?? I did it via machine, though, not person, so...slightly less humiliating, I guess. No one saw the crazy faces I made when it jet-sprayed cold solution on me.

Also, Katie's right - scrub your hands with lemons. I did the exact same thing. My thumbs were, like, two shades darker than the rest of my body, somehow. Rub some lemon slices on them for a while, until it fades, and you'll be good.