Apr 5, 2011

What the?

I think there's something wrong with me.
I was having a great night.
Dinner with mom,
the Rangers AND the Thunder won.
Like I said, great night.

And then BAM.
1. Came home to find my wedding hair piece destroyed. Thanks, Sawyer. See if I blog about you ever again. (Who am I kidding? I'll forgive him tomorrow morning when he comes in for his pre-work snuggles)
2. The hair piece destruction made me remember how uneasy I felt after my wedding hair trial run. I just don't like her ideas. She didn't get my vision. Homegirl wanted me to get a weave. No thanks.
3. After dwelling on that for a bit, I sat down and decided to test out my own hair abilities. Fail.
4. Crazy girl hormones took over and convinced me that I will look okay on my wedding day. Just okay. Bah- I want to be breathtaking. I'm not that girl usually. I don't cause a scene or turn heads. But for one day, just one freakin day, I want to be. Is that too much to ask?

*now look- I know that come June 11th, it'll all fall into place and that Tim will think I'm beautiful regardless of my hair, dress, acne, whatever. But right now- with the guy I love 4 hours away and my hair seemingly hopeless- it's hard to believe that.

Is it normal to just get tired of the details? The planning? I'm just ready to be married. The whole wedding/honeymoon is really getting me down for NO apparent reason. The tiniest thing causes tears. Honestly- what the heck is wrong with me?

Thanks, blogosphere, for being a place I can rant.


Bailey Thomas said...

Girl, what you are feeling is totally normal. I mean, I say that without any wedding planning experience whatsoever, but I hear that it's normal. Give yourself a little while to do something you really love. Relax a little bit. It'll help take the edge off. Love you.

Paige Bailey Photography said...

Bailey is right- it really is normal. Whenever I got in these crazy moods I would just take some deep breaths and make myself and warm bubble bath. It just means its time for a little relaxation. You are going to be STUNNING at your wedding and the hair will eventually become what you want it too, even if it means going to a few different hair stylists. No worries, you will be gorgeous and the wedding will fly by. Its crazy looking back at it now and I even laugh at myself a little for how I let the stress of it get to me because in the end its just so exciting to finally be a Mrs and get to spend the rest of your life with the person you love the most.

Susan said...

I think I'm in that phase currently, so I definitely understand!

A few weeks ago my mom came down and we had a full day of things. It was crazy! Finally, we had a cake appointment with Taylor and his mom, and after that I was DONE. I requested no more wedding talk that evening, which was SO unlike me.
There are just too many questions to ask sometimes. And too many things to not trust yourself about. About a week ago I thought switching photographers might be a good idea...girls are just silly sometimes and then they get over it, I suppose!

Hang in there!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Look, I can do my own hair like a professional. Always could. But I KNEW, on my wedding day? I needed NOT that responsibility. Go get your hair done professionally. Spend the money. Get a trial run. IT will make your whole day run smoother.

the artist said...

I have pretty much come to the conclusion that wedding planning makes hormones multiply expontentially. I mean, really- there's got to be something in those magazines we're all reading that seeps into our skin and makes us into a walking strand of estrogen. Well that, or the stress :) If the hair dresser wants to weave it up- boot her. There is definitely someone out there who will totally get your vision- the good news is that you definitely have some time (even though searching for a hair stylish when all you want to do is be DONE already is probably the last thing you want to do). Soon the madness will be over and you will live happily ever after. Which is the point of this whole madness after all:)

Shelley said...

There is a reason why there is a show called, "Bridezilla". :/ It happens to all of us.