Apr 12, 2011

Call me crazy

Well, it's official.
My wedding dress is listed on Craigslist.
(edit: I also listed it on Wedding Bee, Once Wed,
100 Layer Cake,  and preownedweddingdresses.com)
Two months until the big day and I'm getting a new dress.
Yes, I'm well aware that I'm crazy.
But having put it on several times over the past 5 months,
I just know that I was silly to purchase it as early as I did.
(Which was TWO WEEKS before I even got engaged. I know- I'm an idiot.)

That being said,
say a little prayer,
cross your fingers,
in hopes that I 
1. can sell my dress and get at least a little money back
and 2. can find "the" dress. The real one. 
One that actually makes me want to walk down the aisle 
and not cry in the corner of the brides room. 

Crazy, but completely okay with it,


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

hehehehe. this post made me giggle ;) I hope you end up w/ the dress of your dreams!

the artist said...

You might add it to the wedding bee boards or 100 layer cake market place- to hit the really bridal crowd.

For Goodrich(er) or Poorer said...

Ditto to Riata, and also add it to Once Wed. There's TONS of listings there, too! Or preownedweddingdresses.com.

And to be honest, I know you and I have talked about this, and I'm COMPLETELY jealous. Seriously. If I had my dress right now, that's probably what I'd do.

It'll turn out perfectly, I know it!

Lyryn said...

OH wow... well, you don't want to regret wearing the wrong thing... so hope you find what you want!

Ashley said...

It'll be ok!!!

Vanessa said...

Don't feel crazy! You want to feel 100% confident about your dress. Every bride has been there and totally understands.

Chloé said...

thanks for your sweet comment about my moses! haha. i love that other people love him too! and good luck with finding the dress of your dreams! :) you will be a beautiful bride!!

samnhal said...

You can totally do it! It's worth it to have the right dress to make it all perfect. I had a friend who came home from her last fitting 2 days before her wedding crying because her dress wasn't the dress. So they went to David's Bridal, found the dress and had it hemmed later that night and she was good to go. If she can do it in 2 days, you can do it in 2 months. I bought my dress like a month before we got officially engaged, so you're not the only one!