Mar 1, 2011

Tuesday Truths

Just getting a few things off my chest...
  • I got paid to do nothing today. It was awesome. 
  • My tummy has been upset most of this week. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that...
  • The whole "I'm doing great with Weight Watcher's" thing died this weekend.
  • I feel horribly guilty about it and am set on starting back tomorrow... or next week.
  • Long distance sucks. I need a hug now, not Friday night.
  • I (not-so) secretly wish Tim wasn't doing Spring Sing so I could have him to myself this weekend.
  • Our photographer, Ali, is amazing. But goodness, waiting for our pictures is death. 
  • I've only seen one of the aforementioned pictures. The picture is perfect- my huge legs and tummy pooch, however, are not. 
  • Sawyer has started sleeping with my parents. I don't like it. I miss my snuggle buddy. 
  • Layla, my much larger dog, has decided she wants to sleep with me. She is not a snuggler and takes up 3/4 of the bed. :( Better than nothing, I suppose.
  • I don't have a cute nickname for my significant other on my blog... and I couldn't care less. 
  • Have I mentioned that my stomach hurts?
  • I'm feeling unusually down tonight. I can't put my finger on why. 
  • My wisdom teeth are coming out in two weeks. The surgery, anesthesia, etc. scares me. A lot. 
  • I made breakfast in my underwear this morning. It was liberating. Might consider making it a habit.
  • My skin hates me. 
  • Whoopi Goldburg is in a Poise commercial... for bladder leakage. There are no words.
  • I find the public downfall of Charlie Sheen entertaining. I've watched the interviews a few times and am now trying to figure out how to be a "total frickin' rock star from Mars."
  • I'm well aware of how long this list has become. Apologies. 

In need of a hug, 

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