Mar 30, 2011

Oh, hello blog!

This is where I would normally apologize for a lack of blogging. Whoops. That's not going to happen. My bad. I simply valued time spent with my boo this weekend more than stopping to tell the blogosphere about it. Don't take it personally. I still love you dearly.

The sub life has been good. Apparently I'm likable and a "good sub." I have a few teachers requesting me. That's right- they want me. I have a 6.5 day gig covering for a class that currently ranks #1 in my sub experience. It's for an honors English class and I could not be happier about it. The books and lessons are almost identical to what I did in high school, so it's a lot of fun using what I already know as a fresh take on the material, as well as learning more about it from the teacher's assignments and notes. 

I've spent a good amount of time rearranging/cleaning my parents house. Not sure what happened, but during college, this urge for things to be in order and "homey" became crucial in my list of needs. Since I'm here until the wedding, something had to be done. So after finally getting everything in order, my older brother, who I love, but let's face it, he's not the neatest kid, decided to move back home. I like having him around, but I have found myself picking up empty glasses, bowls, etc. over the past few days. Not cool.

But then again, I guess I should get used to it. Ya know- since I'll be moving in with a boy in about 72 days. I'm sure Tim's habits are just as bad... if not worse. (fingers crossed)

Hope your week is going well! I have a 2 day sub job in 4th grade tomorrow and Friday. Prayers for sanity? kthanks!

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TravWise said...

First things first: do you want me to suggest another annoying song to take the place of Werewolf Bar Mitzvah? I have an entire aresenal, if you want...

I'm sure Jill was shocked by my slovenly habits when we began cohabitating (don't freak out, world, we're married.) I just forget things like dishes and to pick up my clothes from the bathroom floor. Whoops. She still loves me, right?