Mar 10, 2011

Poor Tim

If you thought Charlie Sheen was entertaining,
you should see Tim on Dayquil.
I spent the entire evening trying my hardest not to snort laugh in public.
I'm not quite sure what the point was,
but he mentioned something about his brain having a conversation with his brain (right?)
and all sorts of other weird things I didn't understand.

This is the first time in our relationship that Tim has actually been sick. 
He's had the sniffles here and there,
but nothing like this. 
And while I hate that he feels so rotten,
I love being able to take care of him.

Plus, he'll be doing the same for me in a few days 
when I have my wisdom teeth yanked out. 
He's actually offered to blog for me while I'm out...
we'll see. 
No telling what kinda crazy stuff might end up on the interwebs.
Most likely videos of me on pain meds drooling 
and having my own dose of "winning!"
(Please tell me you guys love and appreciate the Sheen quotes)

infused with tiger blood, 

1 comment:

Shelley said...

Oh, my poor boy. I am sure he is loving you taking care of him!!! :)