Mar 12, 2011

Picture Post

My sister and MOH, Carly after her amazing performance 
in OSU's "Measure for Measure" last Sunday.

Not the best, but here's the only picture I got from 
the wedding last night. 
So much fun and I LOVED all of the 
Beatles decor/songs/inspired coffee drinks.
Congrats Will and Holly!

Post-wedding dinner at BJ's with Carly, Bailey, and Tim. 

Shoulda pulled that shirt down to prevent the baby bump look. 
Not preggers. 
(However, the Oral Surgeon requires every 
female patient to take a pregnancy test before surgery. 
So, I have that to look forward to on Tuesday. Fun.)

I took my aging Macbook into the Apple store today,
convinced that it was officially deceased.
However, my new favorite Genius Bar worker, 
Charlie (all my LOST fans know why his name made me so happy),
ran a diagnostic scan and to my delight and surprise,
my Mac is completely salvageable. 
Even better, take a look at what I should've paid to fix it
compared to what I actually paid: 
In honor of the amazing Apple store worker who totally hooked me up,
my Mac will forever be referred to as "Charlie."

Hope your weekend is going well, 

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Bailey Thomas said...

Cute picture!! I'm so glad I got to spend time with you on Friday :) AND I'm super glad your Apple store experience was good - hooray Charlie!