Mar 15, 2011

Lack of Wisdom

Headed to the oral surgeon's office in about an hour.
For some reason,
I'm feeling much more at ease about the whole thing this morning.

Last night, however,
not so much.

You'd think by the whole,
that I'd totally be cool with pain.

In fact,
how I managed any of those is really quite remarkable.

Anywho, back to last night-
I was fuh-reaking out.
Tim had already headed to bed on my trusty couch
(Sorry babe, 88 days!)
when I started thinking about
an IV,
teeth being 
waking up,
being swollen,
my already chipmunk cheeks being swollen,
possible bruising,
and discomfort for however many days...

And like He always does,
the Lord brought peace this morning.

I'm up,
completely dressed 
and ready to go.
(And by completely dressed,
I mean that I am totally using this opportunity 
to rock tights as pants. Don't worry, fashion friends, 
my extra large t-shirt makes is somewhat better. 
I'm going to for comfort here, people. 
Even though, I should probably reconsider. 
My oral surgeon is quite attractive.)

Where was I?

Oh, yeah- peace. 
It's a beautiful thing.
God certainly is good.

I'm fairly certain Tim will be blogging for me post surgery.
Should be entertaining.

Peace out, wisdom teeth!

I'm trying not to use the bathroom this morning,
because I KNOW they're going to make me pee in a cup when I get there.
T-minus one hour until surgery and I already can't hold it anymore.
And they won't let me drink anything.
So, not quite sure how I'll produce anything for said cup.

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