Mar 21, 2011

I'm baaaaaaack!

To all of those people who said anything along the lines of,

"Getting my wisdom teeth out was a breeze! I was eating __________ the next day, etc"

Yeah- you stink.
I would say meaner things, but I value readers over profanity.
(that's only partially true)

I had a break on Friday, however.
My swelling went down quite a bit 
and I managed to make it to a coffee date with some dear friends
without too much pain. 

"You look so good for someone who just had that done!"

Yeah- that didn't last long. 

Come Friday night, I was in SO MUCH PAIN.
I suppose driving and drinking coffee was unacceptable behavior.

The pain that started Friday night
(along with the nasty girl infection I mentioned in my last post)
has hung around for far too long. 

I was/am not better in "a couple days,"
like my attractive, but deceitful oral surgeon said. 

A non-whiny post will come eventually... hopefully soon. 
I cross my heart and hope on my last hydrocodone,


Courtney said...

if you need more pain meds, just call me. ill overnight them (thats legal right?). Between getting ready to get mine out and a sinus infection that has taken me down for the count, i have so much medicine! Ill be praying that ALL of you is better soon!

Kara said...

Sorry to see "sad Cara" face. I hope you're back to "happy Cara" face soon! If it makes you feel any better, getting my wisdom teeth out was no walk in the park for me either. Curses to those that had it easy!