Mar 22, 2011

Confession and Craftiness

I'm a bratty bride.
You'd never know it,
but I am.
Anytime someone tells me,
"Oh, so&so did that at her wedding, too!"

Yeah. I'm that girl.

My dress? One of the wives of Tim's club brother wore it last summer.
eff. Not only am I a repeat, but I'm "out of season/style/fashionwords I don't know."
Surprise, CHI guys and gals! You might just recognize my dress. 

My daddy/daughter song? Yeah- someone had it before me, too. And even better for her? She could rhyme her name with the original and had it performed live with her name inserted. (Hi, Casey!)
I can look forward to conversations with elderly wedding guests that go something like this,

"Wait- you're name is Cara."
"Yes, but the s---"
"Your name's not Gracie?"
"Well, no, but---"
"Is that a nickname?"
"Steal a cupcake and leave, you over-perfumed hag!"


Luckily, I'm not one to hold a grudge.
I got over the dress thing about 6 months ago when I found out.
The girl who wore it before me, (Hi, Laura!!!!!) looked amazing and I have full confidence that
I.. will... uh, pull it off .

And as far as my daddy/daughter song goes, I really was being ambitious when I thought that maybe I'd had a moment of sheer originality when I picked it. Sigh. 

I've always been a dreamer. 

There is one thing, however, I know will be completely my own.
How do I know this?
Because I made it, homies!

I give you (dun dun dun) my wedding hair flair:

Here's what I started with:
Glue gun, glue sticks, alligator clips, lace ribbon, fake pearls,
and some torn up toole(sp?) and fake rhinestones from a headpiece I originally bought
and then hated with my dress. Whoops. 

I took the remnants of said headpiece and glued the frayed edges together
to make pedal-like pieces

Throw some fake pearls and rhinestones in the mix,
stick an alligator clip on that puppy, and TA-DA!
(ps- it looks much better in my hair than it does just chillin' on the table)

You liiiiiike?

And here's a secret-
 I don't care if your 
cousin's sister's best friend's sorority sister's 
step brother's fiance's goldfish had a similar piece.

Let me have my moment. 

OH- and speaking of hair-flair and all things pretty,
my girl, Makenna got into cosmetology school. And not just any cosmetology school, freakin' Paul Mitchell. Homegirl is precious and I hope she sticks around OK long enough to teach me things about makeup and fashion. (bc let's be real- I could use it!)

I'll leave you lovely blog lurkers with one last gem of goodness. 

I found this pic of the almost-hubby on my camera today. Completely forgot that I snapped it at IHOP a few weeks back. 
79 days to go,


Shelley said...

Everyone deserves the right to be a Bridezilla at least once. LOVE THE HAIR PIECE!! AND, some of us haven't seen the other dress so it will be new and beautiful for us. Also, we haven't seen YOU in it, so it will be even more beautiful.

Don't let "the man" get you down!!! Love ya!

katyjo30 said...

Girl, I wore the SAME DRESS (as in, not a copy, but literally I wore her dress) at the SAME PLACE, on the SAME HOLIDAY WEEKEND as a girl with the SAME NAME, spelled in the SAME UNUSUAL WAY as me.

But it FELT completely different.

MaKenna said...

You will be absolutley beautiful! And even if you have the same that different brides have no one will know because it will be you and tim and you will have your own precious flair on everything!

It will be beautiful!

also thanks for the shout out.

also I think that it makes me love heavenly day more knowing that she wrote it about her dog. I mean husbands are kind of like dogs right? :)