Mar 16, 2011

American Idol 3/16

Tonight's show featured the finalists singing a song from the year they were born.
Interesting. I've finally gotten to the point where I feel old.
All these babies of the 90's weird me out.
But I'm fairly certain that there are several of you 
who think us 80's babies are strange, too. 

Anyways- here we go: 

Naima- 1984
What's Love Got to Do With It
 I'm not sold on her. 
In fact, I was bored with this entire performance. 
She's spunky and has a unique quality to her style,
but her voice is really sub-par to me. 
Pitchy and according to Tim, she
"sounded like a blaring fog horn busting 
through a pane of glass that subsequently 
scratched a chalkboard."

Paul- 1984
I Guess That's Why They Call it The Blues
He was channeling Adam Levine in his dancing tonight.
Tim commented that he looked drunk,
and I don't disagree.
He's adorable,
but his voice has finally gotten to me. 
And by "gotten to me,"
I mean, it's obnoxious.
At first, I liked the distinctiveness,
but it's old news now and pitchy. 

Thia- 1995
Colors of the Wind
I like her, no doubt,
but every performance from her, so far,
has been her standing alone singing a ballad.
I wanna see more. 
Also- I guess every one is having pitch problems tonight.
Thia was no exception. 

James- 1989
I'll Be There For You
Great song choice. It fit his voice and while the beginning was a little weak, 
he cleaned it up as he went. 
Great energy, as usual. I really love him. 
His banter with Steven was pretty funny, too.

Haley- 1990
I'm Your Baby Tonight
Yeah- her voice is obnoxious.
I'm not impressed.
It's very young and immature sounding. 
And she's not even that entertaining to watch.
The whole "walk around the judges" thing 
seemed like she was trying too hard.
Also- she goes from her sweet baby voice to growling. What?
No thanks. 

Stefano- 1989
If You Don't Know Me By Now
I was much more impressed with Stefano this week. 
This was a great song choice for his range and he performed it well.
I could've done without his funky white shoes,
but other than that,
I have no complaints. 

Pia- 1988
Where Do Broken Hearts Go?
Pia is my favorite girl in this competition.
She has such a beautiful and soulful voice.
Again, her outfit was questionable, 
but her voice made up for it.
So stinkin' good. 
Randy said it best,
"She is in it to win it!"

Scotty- 1993
Can I Trust You With My Heart?
I love Scotty. No doubt about it.
Again, I hope the country following can carry him 
through the remainder of the competition.
I'd really like him to do something a little faster, for sure.
But tonight was good. He really does have 
an amazing voice for such a youngin'.

Karen- 1989
Love Will Lead You Back
Karen has an amazing voice,
and definitely can rock the ballad,
but I'd really love to see her spice it up a bit.
This performance was alright,
but I really want more from her. 

Casey- 1991
Smells Like Teen Spirit
I love me some Casey.
This was a brave choice, for sure,
and he rocked it.
There were a few pitchy moments,
but he was so energetic, I forgot about them. 
He has so much fun on stage,
regardless of what he sings.
I love that about him!

Lauren- 1994
I'm The Only One
She broke out of the country shell tonight 
and I was so excited!
Homegirl had the flu and still sounded great!
That's impressive. 
I really enjoyed her performance and 
think she's got what it takes to continue on with the show. 

Jacob- 1987
Interesting choice, for sure.
I'm not a fan of his vibrato.
For more soulful songs, sure go for it.
But Heart? No thanks.
He sounds like a gospel singer and it doesn't fit his song choice.
He's definitely got the emotion, 
but that's really all I can credit him for.

Well, that's it for this week.
What did you think?
Have your favorites changed?

Sorry if my thoughts don't make much sense tonight. I'm still loaded up on pain meds from yesterday. Did you guys like Tim's post? He's a goof and I love it. He's done an amazing job taking care of me. Gracious- I can't wait to marry that boy. 

Sore, swollen, and a bit loopy, 

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