Mar 30, 2011

Oh, hello blog!

This is where I would normally apologize for a lack of blogging. Whoops. That's not going to happen. My bad. I simply valued time spent with my boo this weekend more than stopping to tell the blogosphere about it. Don't take it personally. I still love you dearly.

The sub life has been good. Apparently I'm likable and a "good sub." I have a few teachers requesting me. That's right- they want me. I have a 6.5 day gig covering for a class that currently ranks #1 in my sub experience. It's for an honors English class and I could not be happier about it. The books and lessons are almost identical to what I did in high school, so it's a lot of fun using what I already know as a fresh take on the material, as well as learning more about it from the teacher's assignments and notes. 

I've spent a good amount of time rearranging/cleaning my parents house. Not sure what happened, but during college, this urge for things to be in order and "homey" became crucial in my list of needs. Since I'm here until the wedding, something had to be done. So after finally getting everything in order, my older brother, who I love, but let's face it, he's not the neatest kid, decided to move back home. I like having him around, but I have found myself picking up empty glasses, bowls, etc. over the past few days. Not cool.

But then again, I guess I should get used to it. Ya know- since I'll be moving in with a boy in about 72 days. I'm sure Tim's habits are just as bad... if not worse. (fingers crossed)

Hope your week is going well! I have a 2 day sub job in 4th grade tomorrow and Friday. Prayers for sanity? kthanks!

Mar 24, 2011

Got a little bit more mud on my face...

I had one those moments yesterday. One of those brief periods of time when everything seems to just fit into place. My windows were down, the sun warming my face. And the wind had calmed down just enough to still tickle my hair as I drove across town to get my Chic-fil-a Chargrill & Fruit Salad fix. Having discussed one of my loves, Patty Griffin, with several people throughout the week, I naturally threw her "Living With Ghosts" album on the trusty ol' iPod and went on my merry way. Call it coincidence, fate, or divine intervention, but a familiar song came on. And here's the thing- it was exactly what I needed to hear.

...The years will bring a bigger scheme of things and make a pretty memory out of my disgrace.

So we dig our heels in and wonder who's gonna win.
Who is gonna win it or wear it out.
I change the lock on the door or learn how to take a little more.
I can outrun all of the devils there, but never the doubt.
Try not to throw all your money into 20/20 vision,
for the world won't wait on politics or indecision.

...Time will do the talkin', years will do the walkin'...time will tell ya, baby, what you can't hear now.

The woman sings truth. Quite beautifully, I might add. 

My heart and my brain have been heavy lately with thoughts of my past. Bad decisions, judgements made, mistakes, things I couldn't control, things I could control and did poorly- you get the point. And over and over, it was if the devil was right there instilling this doubt inside me. This overwhelming fear that all of those things only served to hurt me, my friendships, my attempt at friendship with people who know of my aforementioned bad decisions, and so on and so on.

Then BAM- Patty Griffin. 

I've heard these words at least a 100 times before, but yesterday it was different. Yesterday it was a calming reassurance that all of those things weren't looming in my past, just waiting there to destroy me. They were there to remind me that, as I often try to fight, I'm human. I say stupid things. My judgement isn't always sound. The things that I have been through and dealt with will only define me in the way I have chosen to handle them. And that simple redirection of thought is something I can control right now. And now, more clearly than back then, I can understand the lessons learned. 

I hope everyone's week is going well. My weekend is starting a little early. I'm heading to Oklahoma this afternoon. Tim and I have our first pre-marital counseling session tomorrow (eeeek, a little nervous) and then I get to see the kids I worked with in Kansas on Saturday. Not to mention, my sweet friend Bailey is letting me crash with her. It's going to be a great weekend. 

What about you? Big plans? Staying in? Making a Will&Kate wedding countdown? :)

Not that I'd do anything that ridiculous,

Mar 22, 2011

Confession and Craftiness

I'm a bratty bride.
You'd never know it,
but I am.
Anytime someone tells me,
"Oh, so&so did that at her wedding, too!"

Yeah. I'm that girl.

My dress? One of the wives of Tim's club brother wore it last summer.
eff. Not only am I a repeat, but I'm "out of season/style/fashionwords I don't know."
Surprise, CHI guys and gals! You might just recognize my dress. 

My daddy/daughter song? Yeah- someone had it before me, too. And even better for her? She could rhyme her name with the original and had it performed live with her name inserted. (Hi, Casey!)
I can look forward to conversations with elderly wedding guests that go something like this,

"Wait- you're name is Cara."
"Yes, but the s---"
"Your name's not Gracie?"
"Well, no, but---"
"Is that a nickname?"
"Steal a cupcake and leave, you over-perfumed hag!"


Luckily, I'm not one to hold a grudge.
I got over the dress thing about 6 months ago when I found out.
The girl who wore it before me, (Hi, Laura!!!!!) looked amazing and I have full confidence that
I.. will... uh, pull it off .

And as far as my daddy/daughter song goes, I really was being ambitious when I thought that maybe I'd had a moment of sheer originality when I picked it. Sigh. 

I've always been a dreamer. 

There is one thing, however, I know will be completely my own.
How do I know this?
Because I made it, homies!

I give you (dun dun dun) my wedding hair flair:

Here's what I started with:
Glue gun, glue sticks, alligator clips, lace ribbon, fake pearls,
and some torn up toole(sp?) and fake rhinestones from a headpiece I originally bought
and then hated with my dress. Whoops. 

I took the remnants of said headpiece and glued the frayed edges together
to make pedal-like pieces

Throw some fake pearls and rhinestones in the mix,
stick an alligator clip on that puppy, and TA-DA!
(ps- it looks much better in my hair than it does just chillin' on the table)

You liiiiiike?

And here's a secret-
 I don't care if your 
cousin's sister's best friend's sorority sister's 
step brother's fiance's goldfish had a similar piece.

Let me have my moment. 

OH- and speaking of hair-flair and all things pretty,
my girl, Makenna got into cosmetology school. And not just any cosmetology school, freakin' Paul Mitchell. Homegirl is precious and I hope she sticks around OK long enough to teach me things about makeup and fashion. (bc let's be real- I could use it!)

I'll leave you lovely blog lurkers with one last gem of goodness. 

I found this pic of the almost-hubby on my camera today. Completely forgot that I snapped it at IHOP a few weeks back. 
79 days to go,

Mar 21, 2011

I'm baaaaaaack!

To all of those people who said anything along the lines of,

"Getting my wisdom teeth out was a breeze! I was eating __________ the next day, etc"

Yeah- you stink.
I would say meaner things, but I value readers over profanity.
(that's only partially true)

I had a break on Friday, however.
My swelling went down quite a bit 
and I managed to make it to a coffee date with some dear friends
without too much pain. 

"You look so good for someone who just had that done!"

Yeah- that didn't last long. 

Come Friday night, I was in SO MUCH PAIN.
I suppose driving and drinking coffee was unacceptable behavior.

The pain that started Friday night
(along with the nasty girl infection I mentioned in my last post)
has hung around for far too long. 

I was/am not better in "a couple days,"
like my attractive, but deceitful oral surgeon said. 

A non-whiny post will come eventually... hopefully soon. 
I cross my heart and hope on my last hydrocodone,

Mar 19, 2011


I have plenty of fun things to blog about,
but my body has decided rebel against me
 and I will save those post for happier times.

The pain meds, at least that's what the 'rents are blaming,
have made me ridiculously tired over the past two days
and I have been waking up covered it sweat.
I've had to change my sheets twice since last night.
AND apparently the anti-biotics I'm on are prone to
providing  women with certain infections I won't mention here bc I'm a lady.

And by "prone to,"
I mean, those stupid pills have done it.
I'm miserable.

I'll be back in a few days, shiny and new. 


Mar 17, 2011

Mar 16, 2011

American Idol 3/16

Tonight's show featured the finalists singing a song from the year they were born.
Interesting. I've finally gotten to the point where I feel old.
All these babies of the 90's weird me out.
But I'm fairly certain that there are several of you 
who think us 80's babies are strange, too. 

Anyways- here we go: 

Naima- 1984
What's Love Got to Do With It
 I'm not sold on her. 
In fact, I was bored with this entire performance. 
She's spunky and has a unique quality to her style,
but her voice is really sub-par to me. 
Pitchy and according to Tim, she
"sounded like a blaring fog horn busting 
through a pane of glass that subsequently 
scratched a chalkboard."

Paul- 1984
I Guess That's Why They Call it The Blues
He was channeling Adam Levine in his dancing tonight.
Tim commented that he looked drunk,
and I don't disagree.
He's adorable,
but his voice has finally gotten to me. 
And by "gotten to me,"
I mean, it's obnoxious.
At first, I liked the distinctiveness,
but it's old news now and pitchy. 

Thia- 1995
Colors of the Wind
I like her, no doubt,
but every performance from her, so far,
has been her standing alone singing a ballad.
I wanna see more. 
Also- I guess every one is having pitch problems tonight.
Thia was no exception. 

James- 1989
I'll Be There For You
Great song choice. It fit his voice and while the beginning was a little weak, 
he cleaned it up as he went. 
Great energy, as usual. I really love him. 
His banter with Steven was pretty funny, too.

Haley- 1990
I'm Your Baby Tonight
Yeah- her voice is obnoxious.
I'm not impressed.
It's very young and immature sounding. 
And she's not even that entertaining to watch.
The whole "walk around the judges" thing 
seemed like she was trying too hard.
Also- she goes from her sweet baby voice to growling. What?
No thanks. 

Stefano- 1989
If You Don't Know Me By Now
I was much more impressed with Stefano this week. 
This was a great song choice for his range and he performed it well.
I could've done without his funky white shoes,
but other than that,
I have no complaints. 

Pia- 1988
Where Do Broken Hearts Go?
Pia is my favorite girl in this competition.
She has such a beautiful and soulful voice.
Again, her outfit was questionable, 
but her voice made up for it.
So stinkin' good. 
Randy said it best,
"She is in it to win it!"

Scotty- 1993
Can I Trust You With My Heart?
I love Scotty. No doubt about it.
Again, I hope the country following can carry him 
through the remainder of the competition.
I'd really like him to do something a little faster, for sure.
But tonight was good. He really does have 
an amazing voice for such a youngin'.

Karen- 1989
Love Will Lead You Back
Karen has an amazing voice,
and definitely can rock the ballad,
but I'd really love to see her spice it up a bit.
This performance was alright,
but I really want more from her. 

Casey- 1991
Smells Like Teen Spirit
I love me some Casey.
This was a brave choice, for sure,
and he rocked it.
There were a few pitchy moments,
but he was so energetic, I forgot about them. 
He has so much fun on stage,
regardless of what he sings.
I love that about him!

Lauren- 1994
I'm The Only One
She broke out of the country shell tonight 
and I was so excited!
Homegirl had the flu and still sounded great!
That's impressive. 
I really enjoyed her performance and 
think she's got what it takes to continue on with the show. 

Jacob- 1987
Interesting choice, for sure.
I'm not a fan of his vibrato.
For more soulful songs, sure go for it.
But Heart? No thanks.
He sounds like a gospel singer and it doesn't fit his song choice.
He's definitely got the emotion, 
but that's really all I can credit him for.

Well, that's it for this week.
What did you think?
Have your favorites changed?

Sorry if my thoughts don't make much sense tonight. I'm still loaded up on pain meds from yesterday. Did you guys like Tim's post? He's a goof and I love it. He's done an amazing job taking care of me. Gracious- I can't wait to marry that boy. 

Sore, swollen, and a bit loopy, 

Mar 15, 2011

The Fiance Has Taken Over


For those of you who don't know me, I am the Fiance.  Timothy Giddens.

I was born in El Paso, Texas on October 14 and... well enough about me.  
No one reads this blog for me.  You read it for my beautiful fiance.

Currently she is recovering from having her wisdom teeth removed today.  You may ask, why is this man blogging for his fiance?  Good question.  Lord knows i'm not a very good writer, but I do what I can for my lady.  I don't think she wanted to risk writing in her recovery with her medicine that she has to take for her swelling in her cheeks:

  So I came to the rescue.  Thought I would update you all.

Cara left for the dentist at about 9:30 this morning.  Her mother took her and I hung out at the house and worried about her surgery the entire time she was gone.  I know, I'm such a girl.

Anyways, she made it out of surgery great but was pretty groggy.  Apparently in the car she said,
"I'm ready to get home and get in my bed.  
Call Tim and tell him to get out of my bed.  We're not married yet."
Funny right?  Even under the influence of surgical drugs, she is still hilarious.

This is how I saw Cara when she came home.  Don't worry, I have permission to post this:

Luckily Sawyer was there to keep her company.

Also, Cara didn't like her standard medical band-aid that they put on her when they put the IV in her.  Check this legit band-aid out:

Who doesn't love Snoopy?

Surprisingly, she is recovering well.  Lots of ice cream and other soupy stuff ( soup).  She is feeling pretty good but i'm already ready for her wounds to heal.  I hope they do heal soon.  I don't like to see my girl in pain!  (hoping for the "Awww! What a caring fiance" moment there)

I'm sure I'll be giving you updates tomorrow but just thought I'd update you right now!  
I think we might record a video tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your day and I hope that you haven't been too appalled with my writing style.  It feels weird to be writing in a blog...

Tim Giddens (Cara's fiance) writing in the place of,

Lack of Wisdom

Headed to the oral surgeon's office in about an hour.
For some reason,
I'm feeling much more at ease about the whole thing this morning.

Last night, however,
not so much.

You'd think by the whole,
that I'd totally be cool with pain.

In fact,
how I managed any of those is really quite remarkable.

Anywho, back to last night-
I was fuh-reaking out.
Tim had already headed to bed on my trusty couch
(Sorry babe, 88 days!)
when I started thinking about
an IV,
teeth being 
waking up,
being swollen,
my already chipmunk cheeks being swollen,
possible bruising,
and discomfort for however many days...

And like He always does,
the Lord brought peace this morning.

I'm up,
completely dressed 
and ready to go.
(And by completely dressed,
I mean that I am totally using this opportunity 
to rock tights as pants. Don't worry, fashion friends, 
my extra large t-shirt makes is somewhat better. 
I'm going to for comfort here, people. 
Even though, I should probably reconsider. 
My oral surgeon is quite attractive.)

Where was I?

Oh, yeah- peace. 
It's a beautiful thing.
God certainly is good.

I'm fairly certain Tim will be blogging for me post surgery.
Should be entertaining.

Peace out, wisdom teeth!

I'm trying not to use the bathroom this morning,
because I KNOW they're going to make me pee in a cup when I get there.
T-minus one hour until surgery and I already can't hold it anymore.
And they won't let me drink anything.
So, not quite sure how I'll produce anything for said cup.

Mar 14, 2011

Engagement Pictures

and see our engagement photos!

Ali did a great job. I can't wait to print them!! 

In other, not so rad news,
my Macbook was supposed to be ready yesterday.
It wasn't.
They told me it'd be ready today.
It's not.
So I have to go pick it up,
and take it to the Apple store in Dallas. 

I get it Apple, 

A little down,
but too excited about engagement pics to really care, 

Mar 12, 2011

Picture Post

My sister and MOH, Carly after her amazing performance 
in OSU's "Measure for Measure" last Sunday.

Not the best, but here's the only picture I got from 
the wedding last night. 
So much fun and I LOVED all of the 
Beatles decor/songs/inspired coffee drinks.
Congrats Will and Holly!

Post-wedding dinner at BJ's with Carly, Bailey, and Tim. 

Shoulda pulled that shirt down to prevent the baby bump look. 
Not preggers. 
(However, the Oral Surgeon requires every 
female patient to take a pregnancy test before surgery. 
So, I have that to look forward to on Tuesday. Fun.)

I took my aging Macbook into the Apple store today,
convinced that it was officially deceased.
However, my new favorite Genius Bar worker, 
Charlie (all my LOST fans know why his name made me so happy),
ran a diagnostic scan and to my delight and surprise,
my Mac is completely salvageable. 
Even better, take a look at what I should've paid to fix it
compared to what I actually paid: 
In honor of the amazing Apple store worker who totally hooked me up,
my Mac will forever be referred to as "Charlie."

Hope your weekend is going well, 

Mar 10, 2011

Poor Tim

If you thought Charlie Sheen was entertaining,
you should see Tim on Dayquil.
I spent the entire evening trying my hardest not to snort laugh in public.
I'm not quite sure what the point was,
but he mentioned something about his brain having a conversation with his brain (right?)
and all sorts of other weird things I didn't understand.

This is the first time in our relationship that Tim has actually been sick. 
He's had the sniffles here and there,
but nothing like this. 
And while I hate that he feels so rotten,
I love being able to take care of him.

Plus, he'll be doing the same for me in a few days 
when I have my wisdom teeth yanked out. 
He's actually offered to blog for me while I'm out...
we'll see. 
No telling what kinda crazy stuff might end up on the interwebs.
Most likely videos of me on pain meds drooling 
and having my own dose of "winning!"
(Please tell me you guys love and appreciate the Sheen quotes)

infused with tiger blood, 

Mar 9, 2011

American Idol

My "American Idol" habits usually go something like this:
Watch the auditions and stop watching until the finale.

And usually, I'm completely okay with that,
but this year they have sucked me in.
Oh, Fox-
what have you done?
And why do I have this strange attraction to Steven Tyler?
The man is 60 something and really quite awkward,
but I find myself wanting more.
Sorry, Tim.
I guess when we hit our "golden years,"
you're going to need feathers in your hair
and side effects from years of drug use to turn me on.
That being said,
here are my thoughts on the Top 13
and their performances on Wednesday's show. 
 Lauren sang "Any Man of Mine." My heart is torn here. I love that she's a down-home country girl, but at the same time, I wasn't impressed. This line is used a lot, but it's quite true for her performance of this Shania hit: It seemed like kareoke. If she's gonna win this, she's got to step out of her little bumpkin box and really show the range and ability of her talent.
Casey sang a familiar Joe Cocker arrangement of the Beatles, "With a Little Help from My Friends." Now look- you can tell by my fiance, I'm all about the scruffy bearded men. And when it comes to Casey, well, I'm all about him, too. I love this song and I think he did it justice with the gruff of Joe Cocker with some added uniqueness. It wasn't mind-blowing, but it was undoubtedly enteratining.
Ashton sang "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" by another big haired diva, Diana Ross. Her performance was alright- no more, no less. There's no doubt that she's talented, but I really wasn't feeling it. The song had impressive moments, but like Lauren, she really needs to step it up and choose songs that will display her voice better if she wants to stay in over the next few weeks.
Paul chose one of my favorite songs, "Come Pick Me Up" by Ryan Adams. Honestly, his voice is just weird. Almost like Macy Gray and James Blunt rolled into one. It's a good thing he's attractive. J-Lo said it best, "I hope America gets it." His uniqueness can either help or hurt him. Maybe his song choice in the coming weeks will help America "get it." I definitely am a fan of his style.. and his face... and... :) (only slightly kidding.)
Pia was brave to take on Celine Dion's version of "All By Myself." As an avid Celine fan, I have to say that I was impressed. She looked fantastic and really put herself into the song. I have nothing but praise for her performance. Her voice is stunning! I love this girl. My only complaint would be about the weird train on her precious mini-dress. But as soon as she hit the epic, "An-y-mooooooooore!" I forgot all about that nasty train.
James won me over with his take on McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed." I've been pulling for this kid from the beginning because of this story. James has Asperger's syndrome and the fact that he has made it this far is a testament to the power people with social disorders have when they utilize the talents they possess. Even if his story wasn't amazing, his performance alone was. I loved the arrangement and am floored by his raw talent and range.
Haley chose to sing LeeAnn Rhime's breakout hit, "Blue." This song has a special place in my heart and I'm not sure how I feel about Haley's take on it. She definitely has a beautiful voice, but she has a tendency to switch in and out of this "cutesy" tone and it seemed out of place for this song. She's undoubtedly talented, but I would like to see her use that diversity in her voice more appropriately.
Jacob chose the Space Jam anthem, "I Believe I Can Fly." I was nervous when he said that R. Kelly was his idol- didn't want anyone up on stage, trying to win Idol by singing about being in a closet. Anyways, his performance was alright. He has a huge amount of vibrato in voice and I think I'd like him a lot better if he'd tone it down just a bit. Honestly- the best part of his performance, for me, was the gospel choir that came out for the chorus. The passion is there, but I'm not sold on him yet.
Thia, precious little baby Thia, picked Michael Jackson's version of "Smile." There are so many versions of this song out there, but I have to say, I liked what she did with it. Her voice is smooth and has the potential to be really powerful, I just haven't seen it yet. She had a few pitch problems tonight, but overall, a good performance.
Stefano sang Stevie Wonder's "Lately." No doubt, the boy has passion. There were a few impressive moments in the song, but  the beginning was pretty rocky. Maybe better song choice will help him better display his voice?  He's a cutie , but I don't know how far this wild card will go. Time will tell.
Karen chose to sing the late Selena's "I Could Fall In Love." She did a great job, but it was a little too low for her. She has a huge voice, but she didn't really use it in this song. I wanted her to own it and she didn't. The judges even noted that she seemed uncomfortable and I agree. Hopefully she can pick better songs in the future. I'd love to see her advance.
Scotty performed Garth's classic, "River." He is precious and I think his voice is dreamy. This performance was great and my only concern for Scotty is that the country following isn't big enough to carry him through to the end. He may need to change it up just a bit to keep viewers interested. However, I wouldn't change a thing about him. Adorable. And super talented!
Naima performed "Umbrella." This girl is definitely a performer. She's entertaining, no doubt, but I'm really not impressed. She was pitchy and while she has tons of sass, I just don't like her. And goodness, stop crying. Homegirl gets weepy after every performance. I enjoyed the reggae break in the middle of the song, but that's the only praise I have for Naima. Sorry- just not a fan.

Are any of you American Idol watchers?
Who do you love?
Who do you want to voted off?

Ooooh baby!

Today I had an 8 yr old grab himself, do a little dance, and yell "Oooooh baby baby!"
No lie. He thought it was hilarious...
and so did all of the other boys in the class.
I thought this type of behavior didn't start until AT LEAST high school.
Boy, was I wrong.
After disciplining him, I took a moment to weep for the future.

Momma's don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys perverts.

Mar 8, 2011

Thoughts on Waiting

This is from my trip to OK a few weeks ago
(before I chopped my hair off.)

We are down to double digits for the wedding countdown!
94 days, to be exact.
Our apartment deposit is (hopefully) being put down this week
and we took our "Prepare" test for pre-marital counseling on Monday,
Things are rolling along and
it's been really nice to just sit back and enjoy this time.
Being engaged is pretty great.
I have to remind myself of that.
It's really easy to get frustrated and want things to happen quickly,
but I've found that there's something special about the time spent waiting.
I love the excitement, the anticipation, and the planning.
Yes- it is a pain to be in separate states 75% of the time.
And yes- I hate having  to say "goodnight,"
and go our separate ways even when we are together.
But I have found that it makes the idea of spending the
rest of my nights beside him that more exciting.

So here I am... waiting.
94 more days.

Subbing for 2nd grade tomorrow.
Say a little prayer?
I've found that 8yr olds are tougher than teenagers!

Mar 3, 2011

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

Thanks to high school schedules with hour and a half breaks,
I have been a reading fool lately.
In fact, I finished "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels"
in two days.
The verdict?
Ree's "voice" and story combine to create an amazing book.
I loved every moment of it.
In fact, I may or may not have suggested that Tim read it...
Ya know- for ideas.
(A girl can dream, right?)

In other, very sad, news...
my Macbook has officially died.
I'm hoping I can get it fixed without selling my first born,
but I might have to simply borrow my mom's Dell (cringe)
for a little while.

Happy (almost) Friday!

Cara Linn

Mar 1, 2011

Tuesday Truths

Just getting a few things off my chest...
  • I got paid to do nothing today. It was awesome. 
  • My tummy has been upset most of this week. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that...
  • The whole "I'm doing great with Weight Watcher's" thing died this weekend.
  • I feel horribly guilty about it and am set on starting back tomorrow... or next week.
  • Long distance sucks. I need a hug now, not Friday night.
  • I (not-so) secretly wish Tim wasn't doing Spring Sing so I could have him to myself this weekend.
  • Our photographer, Ali, is amazing. But goodness, waiting for our pictures is death. 
  • I've only seen one of the aforementioned pictures. The picture is perfect- my huge legs and tummy pooch, however, are not. 
  • Sawyer has started sleeping with my parents. I don't like it. I miss my snuggle buddy. 
  • Layla, my much larger dog, has decided she wants to sleep with me. She is not a snuggler and takes up 3/4 of the bed. :( Better than nothing, I suppose.
  • I don't have a cute nickname for my significant other on my blog... and I couldn't care less. 
  • Have I mentioned that my stomach hurts?
  • I'm feeling unusually down tonight. I can't put my finger on why. 
  • My wisdom teeth are coming out in two weeks. The surgery, anesthesia, etc. scares me. A lot. 
  • I made breakfast in my underwear this morning. It was liberating. Might consider making it a habit.
  • My skin hates me. 
  • Whoopi Goldburg is in a Poise commercial... for bladder leakage. There are no words.
  • I find the public downfall of Charlie Sheen entertaining. I've watched the interviews a few times and am now trying to figure out how to be a "total frickin' rock star from Mars."
  • I'm well aware of how long this list has become. Apologies. 

In need of a hug,