Feb 7, 2011

WAY too excited about this!

Recently, I stumbled upon a precious new blog. 
Lindsay is an adorable twenty-something 
with a husband and two precious puppies.
She loves the Lord and judging from her blog,
I'm certain we would be besties in real life. 

Anywho, she passed the 
"Stylish Blogger" award she received onto me. 

So stinkin' excited. 
I know- I'm a nerd,
but this made my day. 

So here are the conditions of this little blog honor:

1. Link back and thank the 
fabulous person who bestowed the 
amazing award on you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 7 other deserving and great bloggers
4. Contact the awarded bloggers to 
let them know of their award!

Here we go! 
1. I LOVE elephants.
So much, in fact,
 that I have a tiny elephant tattoo. 
(I recently found out that elephants with
 their trunks up are considered a 
sign of good luck and fertility. I'll take the luck,
but no babies for now, please!) 

2. Speaking of tattoos, I have three of them. 
A dove on my foot, 
the word servant in Greek on my wrist, 
and the aforementioned elephant on my ankle. 

3. I have always claimed that daisies were my favorite flower,
but I've recently discovered peonies.
*sigh* I love them. 

4. I hate olives, deviled eggs, and beets. 
Anything else, bring it on!

5. I love my middle name. 
When I was at GVBC, 
everyone there called me "Cara Linn"
and I loved every moment of it.
Hasn't caught on anywhere else, I'm afraid. 

6. Tim makes me laugh more than any person ever has. 

7. I have the best almost in-laws ever. 
And while I didn't hate only having a brother, 
I am so excited about having 4 new sisters! 
(That's right, Kaylee- I'm counting you, too!)

Here are my picks to pass the award on to:

I could've listed at least 7 more,
but it's getting late and I need some sleep.


Diving Into Love said...

You are too cute! I'm so glad you were so excited!

Umm I love elephants too! :)

I loved learning new things about you!

Happy Tuesday!

lacy said...

My littlest sis has an elephant tattoo too! So cute. Congrats on your award, well deserved! XO

Lauren Elise said...

thanks Cara Linn! I'm so excited!!