Feb 22, 2011

The time has come...

Well, folks, the time has come.
Sub-training is complete,
and this morning marks my first day.

I will be working a half-day
(easy, peesy, right?)
at my alma matter.
As of right now,
I'm working a half-day today,
a full day Thursday,
and a full day Friday.
All in high school.
Quite the change from the tiny two year olds
I've been working with for the past three years.

Say a lil' prayer for sanity, 

The pups aren't too thrilled about being up this early.
It takes a tiny miracle to get out of bed.  
See why?


Diving Into Love said...

You'll do great! :) Be tough! :)

Bailey Thomas said...

Subbing can be so fun :) It all depends on the class, but it can be great. In my experience, high school is the best. They're old enough to respect you and think you're cool, but there's still enough age difference that they do what you say.

Plus they say things that are hysterical because they're so naive.