Feb 23, 2011

Subbing Day 2

Today was nothing short of easy.
1. I was only scheduled for a half-day.
2. The school was on early release schedule.
3. The largest class was a whopping 10 students.
4. All of their work was to be done on the computer.


I took roll,
got them started,
walked around occasionally to make sure they 
weren't facebook stalking
or you-tubing,
and then dove into this literary beauty:

That handsome guy I'm marrying 
got it for me for Valentine's Day.
I'm about half-way through and am in love!

Dear Ree, (bc duh, we're on a first name basis)
Thank you for the giggles and sheer joy
this book has brought me so far. 
You make me want to write my "love story."
Although I'm not sure anyone but my almost hubby
would actually read it.

your bff and biggest fan.

Seriously, ladies. 
Read this book. 

You'll thank me later,


Lindsay said...

I am going to check that book out soon :)

Shelley said...

At least you got paid for such an easy day!