Feb 14, 2011

Mushy Post

Our first picture together. 
My friend Molly said we had to "touch" for it to count. 

A few weeks later...

A lot can happen in a few weeks. 
He could write a song.
She could listen to it over and over,
swearing they were just friends.
He could have her busting at the seams 
with laughter during a skype conversation at 2am.
She could eventually blurt out,
"Hey, I like you!"

Things happen. 
And for such things,
I am thankful.

Consider this my mushy V-day post.
Although, who needs one day,
when you get to spend the rest of your life 
with your best friend and valentine?

Last night 
(over Skype, unfortunately)
Tim was playing guitar and making up songs.
He said, 
"Alright, here's one for you."
It was really cute, mostly silly,
but I loved it.
My favorite line went something like this:
"In the beginning I forgot your name,
but that's okay because now you're taking mine...
which is kind funny."

Still twitterpated, 


Lindsay said...

aww :) enjoy your valentines day girl!

Shelley said...

you guys are so cute!