Feb 22, 2011

I survived...

If you follow me on FB, you already know this story, 
but it's too good to only share on one social network. 
Today, some kid was complaining that 
today wasn't "his day." 
Trying to be funny, 
I said, "It's Monday. It's no one's day." 
Everyone laughed and I assumed 
it was because I was funny. 
Nope. They were laughing because it's Tuesday. 
Whatever "cool sub" points 
I earned during first period 
were wasted on that comment. 

I did get hit on.
Thanks for that bit of confidence,
random high school boys.

"Oh Miss Blakemore,
that's my favorite name."

Me: Hey, guys have a seat for me 
and start working on your review.
Male student: Whatever you say, baby!
Me: Excuse me?
Male student: I said, "Yes, ma'am."

"Are you sure you wanna get married? 
Look at your options here, Miss!"

Certain there will be more stories,


Lindsay said...

Oh high schoolers :)

Tiffany Robles said...

bahaha. what district are you subbing in? I start subbing in Keller and HEB next week