Feb 8, 2011

Hair Affair

Since I got engaged
(actually before I was officially engaged, 
if I'm being honest)
I've been set on growing my hair out for the wedding.
It's just what you do, right?
I didn't have any set style or length in mind.
I was just growing it for the sake of growing.

But, here's the deal, folks:
I love my hair short.
Love it.
It's so easy.
And cute.
And my chunky, chipmunk cheeks 
look so much better with short hair.

And ps- have I mentioned how 
much Tim loves my cheeks?
Which is wonderful,
because I've always been a little 
self conscious about them.
One day we were discussing future children,
and he said,
"I don't mind if they have my eyes, 
I just want them to have your cheeks."
He's a dreamboat.

I digress.
Where was I?
Oh, that's right- hair.

Here's what I'm thinking- for color and cut:

(Who am I kidding,
I'm probably gonna do it 
regardless of any objections)

love love love,


Meagan and David said...

Do it! You don't want to look back on your wedding and wish your hair was different. If you feel the best with short hair then do it! You'll look beautiful any way!

Dani said...

I did the hayden chop (one pictured) after lsoing my mom cause i needed a cleasing before i came back last summer. I loved it & now that it has grwon i still love how the cut grew out. It's your day have hair that you feel sexy, beautiful in!

Amber said...

Girl, I know how you feel about chubby cheeks. I am right there with you! But, I do love your hair short as well. Do it!

Kara said...

I've never been a fan of do it because that's what you're supposed to do. Traditions and customs are made to be broken by those cool enough to do it. I say cut your locks to one of those cute, sassy styles!

GourmetTheGingerWay said...

Yes to the short hair! I've always admired girls who can pull off the short hair; rock it for those who can't, like me! Also, kudos on the Weight Watchers endeavor! I've been on it since September and I LOVE it! Here's a blog that you've probably heard about, but if not, it comes in handy! She posts the points to everything! http://www.skinnytaste.com/

Let me know if you need an accountability partner!