Feb 24, 2011


I sort of wanted to save my 100th 
post for a time when I had
something epic and exciting to post
or at least a giveaway.

I'm a blog failure.

So, here's my 100th post
and it's not much different than the previous 99. 

I know you're heartbroken. 

Today was my first full day subbing.
It was fantastic.
I was placed in an honors english class.
Right up my alley.
The curriculum was identical to mine from high school.
I got to discuss, explain, and actually teach today.
I was in heaven.
Even better?
The kids were fantastic. 
They were witty,
and bright,
and sarcastic,
and everything I want my children to be.

Favorite moment of the day:
The last class had just let out for the day
when I heard a knock at the door.
It was one of my lil' baby sophomores from the class before.

"Miss Blakemore?"


"ummm...can I take a picture with you?"


"Well, you were just the nicest and prettiest sub I've ever had.
I wanna remember you."

Best. Day. Ever.

(maybe not really. Getting engaged was pretty fantastic.
And meeting Patrick Dempsey. 
That was a good day.
Have I mentioned that I met Patrick Dempsey?)

Tim comes tomorrow! 
:) We're taking engagement pictures on Saturday,
so hopefully I'll be able to share some of those soon. 

Happy (almost) Friday!


Megs:) said...

Aww. You make me want to be a substitute teacher! :') haha

Diving Into Love said...

SOOO sweet!

Shut up...you've met Patrick?! I'm pretty much obessed with him!

Have a great weekend!

Shelley said...

That is so sweet!! I still remember subs that I liked! You must be good at it!