Feb 28, 2011

Apple Love

What can I say?
We love our Macs. 

Feb 27, 2011

Weekend Update

Weekends with Tim always pass too quickly. I found myself next to him in church this morning, thinking, "He can't leave. I'm not done with this feeling yet."

That feeling. I can't quite describe it, but until today, I didn't realize that it was evident to anyone but me. After church, I was making my usual rounds and hugging my favorite people when a friend of my mom's came up, hugged me, and said, "You are simply glowing. There's no doubt that you're happy. I can tell."

And she's right. I am happy.

There's this indescribable warmth that comes over me when Tim is near. It's intoxicating.

We met with our wedding coordinator yesterday. Tim was excited to finally see the venue and help me make some final decisions about flowers, decorations, and his main concern- food. :)

The best part? We're pretty much done with wedding planning. Other than finalizing invitations and figuring out some wardrobe details, we don't have much left to do for the wedding itself. There's still some planning left as far as showers, rehearsal dinner, and the honeymoon are concerned, but thankfully, I have some great people in charge of handling those.

And how could I forget the best part of the weekend-- engagement pictures.

We spent a few hours with the super talented Ali Frederick on Saturday afternoon. She's fantastic and I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out. We're hoping for a peek of them pretty soon.

As of now, I am working everyday this week except for Wednesday. No complaints here. I'm thoroughly enjoying subbing...and making money. That's nice, too.

Have a great week!

Feb 24, 2011


I sort of wanted to save my 100th 
post for a time when I had
something epic and exciting to post
or at least a giveaway.

I'm a blog failure.

So, here's my 100th post
and it's not much different than the previous 99. 

I know you're heartbroken. 

Today was my first full day subbing.
It was fantastic.
I was placed in an honors english class.
Right up my alley.
The curriculum was identical to mine from high school.
I got to discuss, explain, and actually teach today.
I was in heaven.
Even better?
The kids were fantastic. 
They were witty,
and bright,
and sarcastic,
and everything I want my children to be.

Favorite moment of the day:
The last class had just let out for the day
when I heard a knock at the door.
It was one of my lil' baby sophomores from the class before.

"Miss Blakemore?"


"ummm...can I take a picture with you?"


"Well, you were just the nicest and prettiest sub I've ever had.
I wanna remember you."

Best. Day. Ever.

(maybe not really. Getting engaged was pretty fantastic.
And meeting Patrick Dempsey. 
That was a good day.
Have I mentioned that I met Patrick Dempsey?)

Tim comes tomorrow! 
:) We're taking engagement pictures on Saturday,
so hopefully I'll be able to share some of those soon. 

Happy (almost) Friday!

Feb 23, 2011

Subbing Day 2

Today was nothing short of easy.
1. I was only scheduled for a half-day.
2. The school was on early release schedule.
3. The largest class was a whopping 10 students.
4. All of their work was to be done on the computer.


I took roll,
got them started,
walked around occasionally to make sure they 
weren't facebook stalking
or you-tubing,
and then dove into this literary beauty:

That handsome guy I'm marrying 
got it for me for Valentine's Day.
I'm about half-way through and am in love!

Dear Ree, (bc duh, we're on a first name basis)
Thank you for the giggles and sheer joy
this book has brought me so far. 
You make me want to write my "love story."
Although I'm not sure anyone but my almost hubby
would actually read it.

your bff and biggest fan.

Seriously, ladies. 
Read this book. 

You'll thank me later,

Feb 22, 2011

I survived...

If you follow me on FB, you already know this story, 
but it's too good to only share on one social network. 
Today, some kid was complaining that 
today wasn't "his day." 
Trying to be funny, 
I said, "It's Monday. It's no one's day." 
Everyone laughed and I assumed 
it was because I was funny. 
Nope. They were laughing because it's Tuesday. 
Whatever "cool sub" points 
I earned during first period 
were wasted on that comment. 

I did get hit on.
Thanks for that bit of confidence,
random high school boys.

"Oh Miss Blakemore,
that's my favorite name."

Me: Hey, guys have a seat for me 
and start working on your review.
Male student: Whatever you say, baby!
Me: Excuse me?
Male student: I said, "Yes, ma'am."

"Are you sure you wanna get married? 
Look at your options here, Miss!"

Certain there will be more stories,

The time has come...

Well, folks, the time has come.
Sub-training is complete,
and this morning marks my first day.

I will be working a half-day
(easy, peesy, right?)
at my alma matter.
As of right now,
I'm working a half-day today,
a full day Thursday,
and a full day Friday.
All in high school.
Quite the change from the tiny two year olds
I've been working with for the past three years.

Say a lil' prayer for sanity, 

The pups aren't too thrilled about being up this early.
It takes a tiny miracle to get out of bed.  
See why?

Feb 19, 2011

A thought.

This little stay at the Hampton 
for Winterfest will be one of the 
LAST times 
 Tim and I
have to have
separate rooms. 


110 days, folks!

Feb 18, 2011

From the road...

I'm currently in a van on my way to Gatlinburg, Tennesse. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to post a picture from Tim's iPhone. Sorry. Just wanted to update the masses (ha, who am I kidding?) on what's been going on.

-I finished sub training and am officially in the system!
-A sweet family in Dallas contacted me about watching their twin, four month old boys. I may choose this job over subbing, if it pans out. (have I ever mentioned that I have always wanted twin boys?)
-I will be in TN until Sunday for Winterfest. Yay!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Feb 14, 2011

Mushy Post

Our first picture together. 
My friend Molly said we had to "touch" for it to count. 

A few weeks later...

A lot can happen in a few weeks. 
He could write a song.
She could listen to it over and over,
swearing they were just friends.
He could have her busting at the seams 
with laughter during a skype conversation at 2am.
She could eventually blurt out,
"Hey, I like you!"

Things happen. 
And for such things,
I am thankful.

Consider this my mushy V-day post.
Although, who needs one day,
when you get to spend the rest of your life 
with your best friend and valentine?

Last night 
(over Skype, unfortunately)
Tim was playing guitar and making up songs.
He said, 
"Alright, here's one for you."
It was really cute, mostly silly,
but I loved it.
My favorite line went something like this:
"In the beginning I forgot your name,
but that's okay because now you're taking mine...
which is kind funny."

Still twitterpated, 

Feb 10, 2011


Day 1 of Weight Watchers was wonderful.
(check that alliteration!)
Plus, a TON of people have given me
some really helpful hints
concerning weight watchers
and what helped them loose 
those pesky pounds that linger on and on.
Seriously- thank you, thank you, thank you!
It made the start of this journey so much easier.

I spent the morning loving on this little guy:
Isn't he a doll?
 Here are a few more, 
just because. 

There's not much better than baby snuggles.
Maybe chocolate?

Feb 9, 2011

Weight, what?

I had a dress fitting today.
And you know what happened?
I broke the stupid zipper.
The hook pulled and 
the zipper slid down to a more


After some tears and reassurance
from both of my parents,
 (who were there with me)
I still felt horrible.
They kept telling me how beautiful I looked,
but I didn't feel that way in the least.
Today I felt like a whale
and honestly, I had a hard time believing
compliments from the same people
who thought I was the cutest thing on earth 
when they were wiping poop from my tush as a little one.

And the feeling had nothing to do with my dress.
I love my dress.
It's not about the dress at all.
(Although, I've got to stop visiting the store 
because I fall in love with a new dress 
every time I'm in there) 

I think the catalyst for this feeling
 comes down to my body.
I have jumped on and off the
exercise/healthy bandwagon
so many times.
It's time to buckle down.
Not because I wanna be a "skinny" bride,
not because I feel that I am "fat,"
and not because I think Tim with love me more
 if there's less to love.

It's simply because,
I want to FEEL beautiful on my wedding day.
And ultimately,
I want to feel beautiful every day.
I'm not there right now.

After a heart to heart with one of my bridesmaids
(who got married last summer)
I've decided to start Weight Watchers.
I'll begin tracking points and exercise tomorrow.

Katie over at "Loves of Life"
has had success with it.
If it can help a sista with stubborn post baby weight,
I feel pretty good about my chances.

And while a good chunk of this is weight related,
I know that I also need to readjust my beliefs concerning
what real beauty is.
You know, the kind that has nothing to do with a tiny waist
or C cup breast.
It's not that I'm completely unaware of these truths,
I just forget sometimes.
(Like when my jeans don't fit or I attempt to find a swimsuit)

I'll leave you with a little sneak peak, 
because I do LOVE my dress. 

Optimistic, but a bit discouraged,

Feb 8, 2011

Hair Affair

Since I got engaged
(actually before I was officially engaged, 
if I'm being honest)
I've been set on growing my hair out for the wedding.
It's just what you do, right?
I didn't have any set style or length in mind.
I was just growing it for the sake of growing.

But, here's the deal, folks:
I love my hair short.
Love it.
It's so easy.
And cute.
And my chunky, chipmunk cheeks 
look so much better with short hair.

And ps- have I mentioned how 
much Tim loves my cheeks?
Which is wonderful,
because I've always been a little 
self conscious about them.
One day we were discussing future children,
and he said,
"I don't mind if they have my eyes, 
I just want them to have your cheeks."
He's a dreamboat.

I digress.
Where was I?
Oh, that's right- hair.

Here's what I'm thinking- for color and cut:

(Who am I kidding,
I'm probably gonna do it 
regardless of any objections)

love love love,

Feb 7, 2011

WAY too excited about this!

Recently, I stumbled upon a precious new blog. 
Lindsay is an adorable twenty-something 
with a husband and two precious puppies.
She loves the Lord and judging from her blog,
I'm certain we would be besties in real life. 

Anywho, she passed the 
"Stylish Blogger" award she received onto me. 

So stinkin' excited. 
I know- I'm a nerd,
but this made my day. 

So here are the conditions of this little blog honor:

1. Link back and thank the 
fabulous person who bestowed the 
amazing award on you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 7 other deserving and great bloggers
4. Contact the awarded bloggers to 
let them know of their award!

Here we go! 
1. I LOVE elephants.
So much, in fact,
 that I have a tiny elephant tattoo. 
(I recently found out that elephants with
 their trunks up are considered a 
sign of good luck and fertility. I'll take the luck,
but no babies for now, please!) 

2. Speaking of tattoos, I have three of them. 
A dove on my foot, 
the word servant in Greek on my wrist, 
and the aforementioned elephant on my ankle. 

3. I have always claimed that daisies were my favorite flower,
but I've recently discovered peonies.
*sigh* I love them. 

4. I hate olives, deviled eggs, and beets. 
Anything else, bring it on!

5. I love my middle name. 
When I was at GVBC, 
everyone there called me "Cara Linn"
and I loved every moment of it.
Hasn't caught on anywhere else, I'm afraid. 

6. Tim makes me laugh more than any person ever has. 

7. I have the best almost in-laws ever. 
And while I didn't hate only having a brother, 
I am so excited about having 4 new sisters! 
(That's right, Kaylee- I'm counting you, too!)

Here are my picks to pass the award on to:

I could've listed at least 7 more,
but it's getting late and I need some sleep.

Feb 3, 2011


We're entering day 4 of snow2k. 
The cabin fever is slowly setting in.
I think we may have to sneak out at some point tomorrow. 
For now,
small trips outside for snow has been enough for me. 
The reason for said trips?

So. Easy.
16 cups of snow.
3 cups of milk.
1 cup of sugar.
Vanilla to taste.


Hope you're staying warm,

Feb 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sawyer!

My "baby" turns 1 today!
Can you believe it?

Here are some photobooth finds to celebrate!

Happy birthday to my first "child."
I love you!