Jan 24, 2011

a woman i have known my entire life passed away last week.
she was, without a doubt, 
one of the most beautiful women i've ever known.
granted, for as long as i've known her, 
she's had grey hair
and a grandkid necklace that should have caused a slouch,
but i've always admired her.

she held me as an infant,
watched me when my mother couldn't.
taught me how to "pat the bible,"
and that jesus loved me.
she showed me how to properly rock a baby,
throw the best wedding or baby shower,
and to sing regardless of my ability.

if cancer wouldn't have crept in,
she would have thrown my wedding shower,
smiled as i walked down the aisle,
and surely given me more wisdom concerning marriage and babies. 

i hate cancer.

cancer took my teacher pat away.

her husband baptized me. 
i remember looking over across the water right after 
and seeing her face.
she embraced me, towels and arms combined.
you could not touch teacher pat
-scratch that-
you could not see teacher pat without feeling love.


cancer can't touch love. 

i learned so much simply by 
watching her and her husband, buddy.
they loved.
his "patricia ann" was the most beautiful woman in the world,
and even when cancer kept her from his side at church,
you could see him occasionally reach for her hand out of habit.

buddy, as he always does,
grabbed my tear covered face,
and gently kissed my cheek 
the other night at the visitation.
he held my face a moment,
called me "doll,"
and we both nodded.
there was nothing left to say.
we both knew that she was better off
in a place he had taught me of long before i knew of cancer. 

cancer can't touch love.

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Shelley said...

very touching, Cara. I am sorry you lost your friend.