Jan 18, 2011

Wedding Crush

I recently the discovered a new favorite blog.
It's co-authored by a precious couple named 
Stacie and Geoffy.
They own their own photography business 
and are some of the most talented folks I've ever seen. 

I was browsing through their stuff 
to find inspiration for our engagement pictures,
when I came across the cutest wedding ever.

I'm actually leaning towards adding a blue/teal color to my wedding 
simply because I love how amazing it looks in these pictures. 

All photo credits go to Stacie and Geoffy Lang. 
They are fantastic and you can read their blog,

isn't it wonderful?


Megs:) said...

so I am ADDICTED to that blog you talked about. It makes me want to get married RIGHT NOW and them take pictures for me... for free. :) lol

Amber said...

I love it!! You should definitely do it!

Shelley said...

I love the teal color. It would be beautiful!