Jan 27, 2011

Thursday thoughts (yeah, cheesy alliteration!)

I got things done today.
Woot! Productivity!
I would give you a list,
but honestly,
you'd probably skim over it 
or skip the post altogether.
And here's a little secret,
I'd do the same thing.

So, here's what's on my brain:
I keep having to edit it down.
And someone 
*me, "someone" always means me* 
made the mistake of requesting addresses from people
I'm not going to be able to invite. 

Why does the venue I love have a limited #?

Scratch that-
Why can't I muster up the courage to say,
"Sorry, we're really just good acquaintances,
and while I think you're swell,
I don't have room for you 
or your date?"

This is my our day.
And it's not that I wouldn't love to have 500 guests,
I just can't afford it.

Plus- at least with a small number, 
I might actually remember who was there. 

Well, maybe.


Amber said...

You should not feel bad whatsoever because those people can still send you a gift or a card, but ultimately all that matters is your closest friends and family are there. Of course you want other people but they are more of a luxury. Your close friends and family are the necessity.

Becky said...

And everyone you invite will not be able to attend. Someone should be able to help you with what that % is....I think it's atleast 10%, maybe more. Soooo...you can invite more than your max for the facility. Just saying.

Cara Linn said...

Oh, Becky. Can you come over and tell my mother that? I have been trying to explain it and she's convinced that everyone on my list will be there with a date and that we'll have to turn people away. Not going to happen.

Amber said...

What you can do also is invite your max number then as people RSVP that they cannot come send out replacement invitations.

Miranda said...

I'm right there with ya chica! The guest list was for sure the WORST part of all of the planning. Don't worry though, sweet girl. People will understand the fact that weddings get expensive, and sometimes you just have to cut the list. They'll still love you. Promise. :)