Jan 26, 2011


i have insomnia.
there's no way around it.
somehow, over the past 4+ years,
i have developed the strangest and
most inconvenient sleep pattern in the world.
when i try to go to sleep at a decent hour,
i inevitably wake up in the middle of the night.
most nights,
this happens multiple times,
regardless of when i go to bed.

and then, of course,
i am exhausted throughout the day.
i end up sleeping through the afternoon
because 1. i'm unemployed,
and 2. i'm sleep deprived from the night before.

what stinks is that even on the days i don't nap,
i can't seem to sleep through the night. 

the stupid cycle won't end.

i've tried sleep aids-
motrin pm
tylenol pm
advil pm

sure, i fall asleep faster,
as guaranteed in the ad,
but without fail, i still wake up.

i read an article that suggested hot tea an hour before bed.
tried it. didn't work.

i also read that less clothing helps, too.
not happening in this house.
that remedy will have to wait until june. (heyo!!!)

i've tried rubbing my ears, breathing techniques,
turning off my tv, computer, basically anything that emits "energy"
kicking the dogs out of the bed,
and even attempting to sip a glass of wine before calling it a night.
(so far, my wine selection is awful bc it all taste like booty to me)

so here i am again, blog world, seeking your advice.
what works for you?
any magic spells or remedies to end the madness?

in need of a job and a good nights sleep,


Lauren Elise said...

You should give Melatonin a try. It's a naturally occuring hormone that is released when it's time to sleep. You can get a bottle of Melatonin pills. I think each pill is 5 mg? Anyway, it works for me and I don't feel bad using it because it is something that is natural lol.

MaKenna said...

Girl, I have insomnia as well, and sleeping with a boy doesn't help that either. When we move this summer our first purchase is getting a bigger bed {I hate touching someone when I am sleeping, I get hot easily and I am a super light sleeper so it inevitably wakes me up} So I have been trying melatonin and I am only waking up once or twice as opposed to waking up every hour, also I love celestial sleepy time tea, it helps as well, but since I am in school and my schedule is hectic I have been afraid to try melatonin and the tea together, but I love the tea and it helps, I also saw that they make extra sleepy time tea, which is going to be one of my next purchases.

Also working out helps with sleeping, or so I hear. It doesn't help me sleep without waking up throughout the night.

So if YOU find anything awesome that helps you sleep be sure to let me know!

Vanessa said...

I love Melatonin, but my absolute fave remedy is Valerian Root. If I give myself a night time routine (think about how kids/babies have nightime routines for winding down-bath time, lotion, redressing, reading a book, sleeping) like drinking tea, taking valerian root, reading, etc, it seems to help. It's the only thing I've found that helps me STAY asleep. I have the STUPIDEST internal clock. I'm not "fixed" but my sleeping habits/routines have certainly improved a lot due to the herb.

Also, if you go to ask for it at the pharmacy, don't accidentally call it "vanerial root" because you will probably get laughed at.

Shelley said...

Cara, could a lot of this be STRESS??? I don't know...just thinking. I have used Melatonin and love it too. I don't know about keeping you asleep through the whole night because I have never had that problem. I hope things get better.

Kaylee said...

Have you tried yoga? I think they make night-time yoga DVDs, and it has helped me when I am too stressed to sleep.

Sarah said...

cara. you are my sister soulmate through and through. we shall tackle this sleep monster together friend.

i have some melatonin pills if you want to try them. i haven't tried them (hello medical pill freak out girl that I am) but a friend from dbu gave me a whole bottle to try and help me.

Also, the routine thing is legit! I tend to be more relaxed when i can really take the time to wind myself down. it's our worry habit! remember? when our worry minds go to sleep and don't have anywhere to channel their worry? let's fix this!