Jan 4, 2011

A new adventure

I have never been a "runner."
In high school, we were required to run at least a mile every morning for drill team. 
Sometimes more. 
I was ALWAYS the last one finished.
It was embarrassing.
Once I graduated high school, I assumed that I'd never have to run again.
And until recently, I was completely okay with that.

But now, with the wedding roughly 22 weeks away,
and my body about 22 pounds from where it should be,
I've decided that maybe I should give running another chance.
Starting tomorrow, I will be attempting to complete
Robert Ullrey's "Couch to 5K" podcast workout program.
Eek. 9 weeks of running.
I'm going to die.
Or become a marathon runner.

...or die. 

I'm also changing my diet completely:
No fried foods.
No carbonated drinks. 
Little to no bread.
No food after 9pm.
Water, water, water.

Any tips? 

Ready for a healthier, not necessarily skinnier, me,
(although that'd be nice)


I am Angela. said...

Cara! I am totally with you on never being a runner. When I was little my parent's made me run laps around our one acre yard as punishment for different things like: talking back or picking on my sister. I fostered a HATE for running at a very early age.

But, as I gained weight in college I decided to give it a second try. I've run a whole lot these past couple of years and finally, I enjoy it.

Tips: Don't be discouraged. Know how much to push yourself. Imagine yourself successful.

Yes drink water and if you are trying to lose weight, be careful about sweets and portion size. This is what helps me. :) Good luck!

Jacque said...

Yay, Cara! I just started a Couch to 10k program that I downloaded on my iPhone, and I've officially had to run uphill twice. So many people find something great in running, and I'm excited we get to find out what it is!

fulksfam said...

You will really appreciate cutting out fried foods - Chris and I did that for most of last year, and it did WONDERS for our digestive systems in general :) Water water water is always smart. I'm right there with ya! PS, Casey misses you :)

Wife to the Rockstar said...

I SOOOOO want to run. Sigh.