Jan 2, 2011

Minor hiccup

"Hello, lover!"
(SATC, anyone?)

I am literally in love with this dress. 
It's everything I wanted in a bridesmaid's dress. 
Stylish. Modest. Classy. Different. Grey. 
Perfect, right?

I polled the bridesmaids, got a response from 4 of the 6 and decided to go for it.
Even better, one of them purchased it TODAY and was like,
"THEY'RE HAVING A SALE!! It was 30% off and they gave me free shipping."

Except for,
1. I have a bridesmaid that can't purchase hers for another month. 
Not a big deal, I just hate that she'll have to spend more.
2. They're out of sizes 2 and 4 in my color. Really? Come on, J Crew. 
(Also, hoping they don't sell out in the size my aforementioned bridesmaid needs.)
3. I have yet to hear from two of my bridesmaids. 
4. They can't be returned. 

So fingers crossed everyone can get a dress that fits or can be altered. 

...or I'll have to have mismatched bridesmaids. 
Not the end of the world, but I really want everyone in this dress.

Be honest- does this make me a bridezilla?
Don't lie. 
I need to know how to gage the rage, if ya know what I'm saying. 

Previous brides, help me out here. 


Katie said...

So cute! You should probably purchase for the girl who can't for a month and let her pay you back. That's the only way to guarantee she get it and for the lesser price. :)

Laura McDaniel said...

I got all mine at the same time and ended up returning them only to buy them again for 50$ less a dress! Talk about a hassle!
I absolutely LOVE those and they go great with your dress! ;)
I would buy them all right now so you can guarantee you can get them all. If I learned anything, it's when you find something you like buy quickly before their gone and your sad! :)

Vanessa said...

I second and third the other ladies' comments. It'll be worth it in the end to get them all in the right size and color even it it makes things tight right now monetarily. I LOVE them!!! Totally not surprised and your beautiful choice :)

Courtney said...

Cara, buy an extra for just in case needs (ie fabric or more ruffles) If they are on sale. What a lucky find!

Lyr said...

So I'm doing a blog revamp and checking out who follows me and who I don't read anymore and I see that you follow me. Thank you! I'm sorry I never noticed before. I'm pretty terrible at blogging recently, but I'm trying to get better. Ok... enough... I'm going to read more about you!