Jan 6, 2011


One of my bridesmaids got her dress in the mail today.
Of course, I had to go by and actually see it on a body,
instead of the little mannequin.

Warning: My cruddy cell phone camera does not do this dress justice.


Ignore the wrinkles- it was fresh out of the box.
I could not love this dress more, wrinkles and all.
Bravo, J Crew. Bravo!

As far as I know, 2 of my girls have already received their dress, 
3 others have ordered, 
and the remaining 1 is ordering within the next week or so. 

Crisis averted. 



Amber said...

Love it!! so cute!

Becky said...

The dress is awesome! The girls will be beautiful!

Shelley said...

LOVE the dresses!