Jan 10, 2011


Alright, ladies.
It's about to get real.

And by real,
I don't mean
I mean,
I have some real questions
for real women.

I couldn't decide whether or not to blog about this,
but most of my followers aren't of the XY persuasion,
so why not?
(for the few gents, I give you permission to leave now. kthanks)

So, here it is:


In a few weeks, I will make the dreaded trip to the gyny 
and have to make a decision concerning the big "BC." 

So here's where your wisdom comes in-

What worked for you?
Did you gain weight?
Loose weight?
Break out?
Have a magical acne disappearance?
What were you on?
What are you on?
For how long before you got married?
Did it make you really emotional?

Help me out here, ladies! 


Amber said...

I took it. Sever different kinds. I tried the pill for several years. I experienced no magic acne cure, but lots of queasiness and breakthrough bleeding. The patch (I have never been so sick!). Nuvaring worked really great- and I got pregnant immediately after getting off of NuvaRing.

All that being said, though, I would never, EVER put my body through hormonal birth control, ever again. If we had to worry about it (which we don't, because I don't ovulate regularly [partially because of the years on bc] and we want another...) but if we *did* have to worry, we would do natural family planning. It's proven to work once you're educated on it, and you don't put your body through all that junk.

MaKenna said...

although I can't wait for the day that I don't have to be on birth control, I will have to to say that I am thankful for it. I have some girly problems so birth control isn't new to me, and consider myself kind of a pro.

Patch-don't do it
Shot-Don't do it
Nuva Ring- ehh it was alright. It kind of messed with my emotions (first time that ever happened to me, could have also been stress of school as well)
Seasonique- what I am on and I absolutely love it. I gained a little weight, but only noticeable to me, and after 2 months it was gone. My face did break out a little, but it was also my freshmen year of college so who knows what the acne was caused from. AND you only have a period 4 times a year. Minimal break through (but I am also kind of bad at taking it on time)

Just talk to your doctor, and he/she will find what is best for you. I am pretty sure that you need to get on birth control 3 months before your wedding, but I would suggest getting on it as soon as you can, so your body will be used to it by then.

if you want a more detailed answer facebook me or email me girly and I will surely tell you anything you want to know!

Hannah said...

I am the only person I know of that has taken Implanon (sp?) And it is AMAZING!

I have always been very hesitant to take the pill. Too many people have had either 1) crazy mood swings / weight gain or 2) accidentally gotten pregnant

Implanon is a little piece of plastic (the size of a match stick) that is inserted on the inside of your upper arm. You can feel it only when trying to do so.

It is a little pricey up front, but you don't have to worry about anything for 3 years. No daily pill, no monthly nuvaring. No nothing. It is the same drug as nuvaring, only its made to last a lot longer. Similar concept to Marana, but an "easier to use" version for those of us who haven't had kids. :)

Side-effects? I had a very non-normal cycle beforehand (only 3-4 days and very very light) so this only made it more "normal" (heavier, cramps, etc) But I'm just weird so I don't think it would have this same affect on others. No mood swings, no acne. Little bit of weight gain...

All in all? I am so very glad I am using what I am using. I never ever have to worry about missing a pill, remember the next time I need to replace the ring, or what drugs I'm on, etc.

It's all about what's most important to you! Is it cost? Probably should take the pill. Peace of mind and freedom from a daily medication? Nuvaring, implanon, patch, etc.

No matter what you do, there will be side-effects.... sorry! :)

Good luck!!!

Lauren Elise said...

Birth Control can sound scary. I have heard many horror stories about Yaz. I am on Ortho-tricyclen (sp?). I don't have any complaints about it. You have to remember to take a pill everyday but I have done well remembering (daily phone alarm). The only time I have noticed mood swings (or Devin has told me I was moody lol) was when I didn't keep a consistent schedule. Since I'm not married, I didn't think it would be a big deal if I didn't get my refill right away....wrong. You definitely have to stay on schedule for the sake of your hormones and your sig. other. lol

Blaine and Shannon Finley said...

I started out of the generic of orthotrycyclin low and it just never really settled into my system I still spotted a lot and had crazy hot flashes like i was in menopause so I switched to seasonique after a talk with my doctor and I LOVE IT! But remember that everybody's body is very different. A good talk with you doctor is the best thing you can do they can give you all the information that you need to feel more comfortable. And just remember that it takes a month or so for it to really settle into your system so don't make a judgement on the BC until a few months of taking it.

I am Angela. said...

Quick Answer: I'm told not to take it, but it's because I'm genetically more inclined to blood clots. My grandmother got one while she was on it... a long time ago. Then almost four years ago, my little sister had a stroke because of blood mutations...

So, I've been advised to think of other methods because BC increases the likely-hood of developing clots. But, if it works for you I think it sounds good.

fulksfam said...

Yasmin worked best for me, when I was on BC. I think there's a different version of it out there now, though, maybe Yaz? And Yasmin had a diuretic, so no weight gain, just drank lots of water and peed a lot.

The NuvaRing was great since I'm bad at remembering pills, but it made me CRAZY. In bad ways.

To be frank, we're just using condoms right now, because the ring made me a whack job, and - here's where it gets really real - the pill can KILL your sex drive. As in, before we got married I was ready to rip his clothes off anytime we made out, and after a few months on the pill, I didn't care of we had sex or not most of the time. So if you do choose a pill, be prepared for that, and buy lube (which truly helps!). This doesn't happen to everyone, but from every woman I've talked to, it happens too frequently than is healthy for marriages. Ask your doctor point-blank about that, because you want to enjoy your honeymoon! :) I love you!

Heather Ash said...

Hey Cara,

I love your blog btw. I had a friend was on the the pill and she had a stroke that paralyzed her. While you don't see a lot of that, it can happen. Another side effect found was women having a harder time or not being able to get pregnant after being on the pill. I have a friend right now who has had 7 miscarriages because she cannot maintain her own hormones after being on the pill for years. She tells me that she wishes she had known about this when she went on the pill.
Jason and I decided to go with natural family planning. There are a lot of great non birth control options out there (i.e. the cervical cap, condoms) that provide the same percentage of control that 'the pill' or some other form would do. I can also be a testament to natural family planning going God's way. Lol! My husband accidentally through my calendar away and 9 months later we had a beautiful baby girl. God worked everything to His glory, but I'm keeping better track now!!!
The way that the pill works is that is provides coverage in three ways. It's back-up way of working is that if the egg is fertilized it makes the uterine lining unlivable. So the zygote continues to multiply its cells until another pill is taken to have your period. Some people consider that abortion, some don't, some women don't have a choice. I don't want to start a debate about the topic either.
I would encourage you to speak with your GYN, your fiance (who sounds wonderful) and pray about what is the best decision for both of you. Don't forget that the Master and Creator of us all is in charge and loves to be included in every decision we make. :)
(If you have any questions about natural style family planning I would love to give you some pointers and tips or ideas.)

Vanessa said...

I made the decision to get on the pill and was instructed to do so three months before we got married. I started off on Yaz b/c that is what my doctor's office happened to be pushing free samples of at that time. It had also worked for my sister, so I thought it would work well for me-it didn't. I was sort of eratic in my moods. This was also before I was diagnosed with depression/anxiety disorder. After a trying a few different substitutes, upon urging from my councelor, I got onto Orthtrycyclin Lo. It's the lowest possible amount of external elements going into my body. I'm not a fan of the idea of putting unnecessary "stuff" into my body, so I like the idea of doing it as minimally as possible. Being on the right anti-depressant was priority number one, and once I got that squared away, I opted for my current BC (Orthotrycyclin LO) so as not to screw myself up :)

Yay! You're getting so much closer to being a married woman! Ahhh!

Lyssa said...

I have 3 kids now. When I got married, I started with the patch. I got sick for the first week and then it was over. I didn't mind it but I was nervous putting stuff in my body like that. Luckily I had a feeling to get off and start a family. I took the mini pill afterwards and i got major headaches but I stuck with it until Child #2. After child #2, I was done with that so we just did condoms. #3 came and that's when I used an IUD. And still use one. They recommend using one after you have a kid. But I love it. Very low hormones or none. But definitely you want to do research on anything you do. The first month was rrough with bleeding and cramps but now it's wonderful. You can keep it in for 5 years. Anyways, that's just my own birth control journey.

Lyssa said...

Oh, I was reminded by other commenters that YES, pills and patches and other hormonal BC kill your libeto. Seriously, no sex drive. That's another reason...a big reason for newly weds. I would seriously do condoms until after my 1st kid and then do IUD. I have never had a problem with my sex drive now. No weight gain, no acne, nothing.

TaylorMade said...

I am on Natazia, and it is great. Its super low in hormones. So no weight gain, no change of behavior, skin is still the same... I was on a different kind before I got married. And a few months ago I asked to be switched to something with a lower amount of hormones. My dr. said it is one of the pills that has natural effects on your body, and that it goes with the naturalness of the changes of your body each month. I love it!

Lindsay said...

I have taken several different kinds the last ones my dr put me on made me very ill i was in the ER twice in one week I think its because I need to be taking ones with low estrogen just wasn't working well with my body..good luck at the doc!