Dec 31, 2010


Not in any particular order, my top twenty moments of 2010 were: 

Watching "Lost" come to a confusing, but appropriate end.

Road-tripping to Kansas to see my favorite kiddos/Grant and Vanessa

Performing in my third and final Spring Sing 
(with an injured jaw, no less.)

Attending my 1st CHI Banquet.

Getting my sweet Sawyer.

Playing at the Discovery Museum for DGR formal.

Attending Meagan and David's *precious* wedding.

Being an honorary bridesmaid at Jordan and Sam's wedding. 

Spending most of the Summer with Unbound

Making tons of memories with this little guy.

Making my 1st trip to Branson.

Going to San Antonio with the Giddens family.

 Saying "Yes!"

Standing by Blythe's side as she became Mrs. Imhof/surviving the 
"Hoedown Throwdown"

Moving into my 1st "big girl" apartment with Miss Megan.

 Sitting 5th row for Jason Mraz/meeting the man himself.

Picking these 6 lovely ladies to be my bridesmaids.

 Spending precious moments with my sweet sisters. 


Spending my last New Years as a "Miss" with the one who asked me to be his "Mrs."

Happy New Year, friends!

1 comment:

Meagan and David said...

Yay! We made your top twenty!! This will be the best year of your life because you are getting MARRIED! Soak up every moment!