Dec 21, 2010

Sawyer Snuggles

Sawyer was an impulse buy. 
I was living in an apartment that
didn't allow dogs.
But I brought him home anyways. 
He chewed on,
He marked his 
But I didn't mind,
because every night,
some nights after hours of waiting,
he would curl up in bed with me. 

Because he fell in love with my parents HUGE yard when I brought him home for a visit back in November, I left him there for the remainder of my time in Searcy.
I knew it was best for him,
but I missed his snuggles.

So while there may be ample reasons for me to dislike being home,
Sawyer snuggles may just make up for all of them. 

And yes, I'll have to say goodbye to sweet Sawyer again come June.
But I think I might be okay with sacrificing this...

for this...

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